Best Acrylic Bathtub Reviews (Top Products Guide 2017)

A bathtub is a must have fixture for many people. It is also expensive, which makes it important to familiarize yourself with important factors and features that make up a quality tub. One of the most important features of a high quality tub is that it should be durable. Among the big brands, acrylic is the material that is usually used to make the most durable bathtubs. Acrylic is non porous, strong and has an attractive glass-like finish. To learn more about where to find the best acrylic bathtubs on the market, read our acrylic bathtub reviews below to the end.

Acrylic bathtubs have plenty of features and benefits. One of those benefits is that these tubs do not discolor, instead, maintaining their beautiful designs for as long as you maintain them. Still, there are a lot of details in a quality bathtub. Pay special attention to these details so that you can identify the most ideal acrylic bathtub for you.

acrylic bathtub reviews
  • AKDY F210
  • Freestanding: yes
  • Construction: double walled, acrylic, pearl white finish
  • Dimensions: 66.9" x 30.5" x 30.5"
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Certification: -
  • Other: includes installation fittings, adjustable feet, flexible drainage pipe
top rated acrylic bathtubs
  • Kardiel HB-BT-PARVA-59-RO
  • Freestanding: yes
  • Construction: acrylic with brilliant white, high Gloss finish
  • Dimensions: 29.5" x 59.1" x 23.6"
  • Warranty: 5 years limited
  • Certification: CSA
  • Other: adjustable feet, stainless steel integral lineal slotted overflow, copper and steel drain pipe, includes external drain tube extension
best acrylic bathtub
  • Ove Decors Rachel
  • Freestanding: yes
  • Construction: acrylic, fiberglass reinforced with glossy white finish
  • Dimensions: 70" x 30" x 34-1/4"
  • Warranty: 10 years limited
  • Certification: CSA/ULC
  • Other: includes chrome drain and overflow, can accept deck mounted faucets
best quality acrylic baths
  • AKDY AZ-F274
  • Freestanding: yes
  • Construction: acrylic with pearl white finish
  • Dimensions: 70.9" x 31.5" x 28.3"
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Certification: -
  • Other: double slipper design, adjustable feet, flexible drainage pipe, includes installation fittings
strong acrylic baths
  • MAYKKE XDA1407001
  • Freestanding: yes
  • Construction: acrylic with white finish
  • Dimensions: 61" x 30.31" x 21.5"
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Certification: UPC/cUPC
  • Other: adjustable feet, pop up drain overflow assembly kit
luxury freestanding acrylic bathtub
  • Empava A1518W
  • Freestanding: yes
  • Construction: acrylic reinforced with fiberglass, glossy white finish
  • Dimensions: 66.92" x 31.49" x 26.77"
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Certification: CUPU
  • Other: brushed nickel drain and overflow, adjustable feet

Top 6 Acrylic Bathtubs Reviewed

OVE Rachel Acrylic Bathtub

best acrylic bathtubOVE Rachel is one of the best rated bathtubs on the market and not just because of its great features. The tub is made from the highly durable acrylic material, giving it both a strong body and an appealing glossy white finish. The 70-inch free standing bathtub features a sleek design with edgy lines to make it look outstanding. In addition, OVE Rachel features a center placed drainage for quick draining of your water, plus it also features a limited warranty.

  • Design. OVE Rachel features a sleek curvy design with edgy finishes a glossy white finish. On the interior, the tub looks even more beautiful, with chrome finish drainage cup lying in the center of one end. And given that acrylic tubs do not tarnish, you can expect to have your tub looking stylish and new for the longest time possible.
  • Spacious. OVE Rachel measures 70 x 30 x 34.25 inches to offer wide bathing space even to a large person. In addition, the wide bathing space accommodates more than 60gallons of water, allowing you to submerge in enough water for a relaxing bathing experience.
  • Durable. There is no doubt that OVE Rachel could serve you for more than ten years or more. The only threat to its durability is that acrylic does crack. But then again the cracks can be repaired.
  • The tub is designed for easy installation and could also work with deck mounted faucets.
  • Features a limited ten-year warranty.


AKDY F210 Acrylic Bath Tub

acrylic bathtub reviewsAKDY f210 is one of the most popular bathtubs today. While AKDY is mostly famous for its unique, curved contours, the acrylic build also boosts its aesthetic appeal. The acrylic material makes the fancy tub light, spot free and generally stylish. Besides its design, AKDY F210 features a roomy bathing area that can fit up to 79 gallons of water. That makes it one of the best tubs for someone who enjoys soaking themselves deep in a pool of warm water.

  • Free standing roomy design. The AKDY model features an elegant free standing design and a pearl white finish for an overall aesthetically appealing finish. Its curvy contours, a deep bathing area, and smooth lines further add beauty to the already sleek tub.
  • High Capacity bathtub. The AKDY model is one of the most spacious tubs you can find today. With the capacity to hold 79 gallons of water, you get the chance to soak yourself in a deep pool of water and enjoy a luxurious bath.
  • Durable. Besides being made from acrylic, the top bathtub features a double wall design meant to improve its durability and heat retention. The double wall design also adds comfort to the user.
  • Best rated. One of the best parts about this tub is that it’s a customer favorite. It has topped numerous online reviews thanks to the combination of quality engineering and helpful features.
  • Designed for easy installation. Being a free standing tub, you have little installation work to do.


Kardie HB-BT-PARVA-59-RO

top rated acrylic bathtubsKardie PARVA 59 inch tub takes a large rectangular shape design and a pearl white finish for an elegant appeal. While the tub definitely asks for a bigger installation space, it is a free standing tub, meaning that the installation process is quick and effortless. It’s also fully made from the non porous acrylic material, which puts it among the most durable tubs on the market. The Kardie model is also one of the largest tubs, with the capacity to hold more than 70 gallons of water.

  • Freestanding construction. Freestanding tubs are quite popular bathtubs these days, mostly because of their ease of transportation and installation. For a large tub like this Kardie model, its free standing nature ensures that you can easily choose where to install it and save o space usage in your bathroom.
  • Sanitary and durable. One of the best benefits of an acrylic designed tub is that it does not attract mold or mildew. In addition, acrylic does not tarnish, meaning that it’s obvious durability, you get a tub that will forever look clean and new for as long as it’s properly maintained.
  • High capacity. Kardie PARVA model measures 59 inches long and has a huge capacity of above 70 gallons of water. Two slim people could easily submerge themselves on the bathtub. Its elongated rectangular design also makes it a great tub for tall people who find it difficult to use curvy tubs.
  • Leak proof. With its single piece acrylic body, the Kardie model leaves no room for leakages.


AKDY AZ-F274 Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

best quality acrylic bathsAKDY f274 is yet another top rated bathtub that takes a freestanding design. Freestanding tubs have the benefit of easy installation. They are also lighter and offer the convenience of where to place them in the bathroom. However, the F274 by AKDY bathtub offers a lot more besides ease of installation. It’s a spacious tub, for instance, with a capacity to hold up to 70 gallons of water. In addition, the tub features an impressively curved design and reinforced acrylic sheets to make it strong and durable as much as possible.

  • Strong and durable. The AKDY top bathtub features a body made of reinforced fiberglass and acrylic coating. Reinforced fiberglass offers great strength and durability, and not to forget a sleek finish. And with the extra convenience of acrylic, this AKDY model is likely to last for decades.
  • High capacity. With a capacity to hold 95 gallons of water, there is probably no bigger and better rated bathtub than this AKDY model. The huge capacity is designed to suit the needs of different kinds of people, including cleaning a pet. If you find typical tubs a little bit too small for you, this tub will certainly impress you.
  • Easy to install. The high capacity bathtub comes in a free standing design for easy installation and transportation. Comes with a one year warranty for the parts.


MAYKKE Barnet Freestanding Acrylic Tub

strong acrylic bathsMAYKKE Barnet is one of the top acrylic bathtubs today for a good reason. With its huge capacity, a sleek interior and exterior, curvy lines along the oval shaped tub and a light freestanding body, this tub contains every feature that defines a quality soaker tub. With Barnet’s huge capacity, you can freely immerse yourself in the tranquility of a large tub filled with plenty of water. And since the tub is made of acrylic, your water will stay warm for longer. Additionally, Barnet features a quick drainage system.

  • Attractive modern design. MAYKKE Barnet features a stylish oval shaped design, with rare curves that make it look outstanding among fellow top bathtubs. Both its exterior and interior features a sleek white finish that creates the perfect ambiance for your bathroom.
  • Quality engineering. MAYKKE’s Barnet features the best of engineering with a highly durable acrylic as its foundation material. The 61-inch tub also keeps your bathroom sanitation high thanks to the same acrylic it’s built on. Acrylic is resistant to mold and mildew build up, meaning that you can make the tub look as stylish for a long time with good maintenance.
  • Easy to install. MAYKKE’s Barnet features an easy to install freestanding design. It’s also compatible with deck mounted faucets.
  • Features a pop-up drain overflow assembly kit. The top rated tub features all the accessories needed for its installation, including a drainage pipe and a flexible waste hose for faster drainage.
  • High capacity. The oval shaped bathtub holds the capacity to accommodate more than 70 gallons of water so that you can freely immerse yourself in the tub.


Empava Luxury Acrylic Bathtub

luxury freestanding acrylic bathtubIf you would like to upgrade your tub with a modern acrylic made tub, here is one that could make your tub look heavenly. Empava luxury features a large capacity oval shaped design, with curvy lines and a white finish that can create a focal point in your bathroom. The acrylic made bathtub also features a layer of reinforced glass to make it stand more sturdily while prolonging its durability. In addition, the tub has a waste and overflows drainage system, to ensure that you can never mess your bathroom during an overflow or have stagnant water in the tub.

  • Elegant Design. With its modern oval shaped freestanding design, the tub allows you to choose your bathroom style and install it where you want. In addition to the versatile design, Empava luxury features smoothly curved and a string acrylic body.
  • High capacity. The acrylic made tub measures 67 x 31 x 27 inches and holds a 58-gallon capacity to help you soak into a warm and luxurious pool of water with ease.
  • Durable. While its glossy white finish will certainly improve your bathroom’s décor; its strong construction ensures that you get the tub’s services for the longest time possible. The tub features an acrylic body reinforced with fiberglass for extra strength and durability.
  • Top rated. Empava luxury stand among the best quality bathtubs in the eyes of its customers. In multiple online reviews, the tub has top ratings both for its quality construction and multiple features.
  • Comes with multiple accessories such as a faucet and drainage system accessories.


Best Acrylic Bathtub Comparison Chart

Product nameConstructionFreestandingDimensionsWarrantyCertification
AKDY F210double walled, acrylic, pearl white finishyes66.9" x 30.5" x 30.5"1 year limited-
Kardiel HB-BT-PARVA-59-ROacrylic with brilliant white, high Gloss finishyes29.5" x 59.1" x 23.6"5 years limitedCSA
Ove Decors Rachelacrylic, fiberglass reinforced with glossy white finishyes70" x 30" x 34-1/4"10 years limitedCSA/ULC
AKDY AZ-F274acrylic with pearl white finishyes70.9" x 31.5" x 28.3"1 year limited-
MAYKKE XDA1407001acrylic with white finishyes61" x 30.31" x 21.5"1 year limitedUPC/cUPC
Empava A1518Wacrylic reinforced with fiberglass, glossy white finishyes66.92" x 31.49" x 26.77"1 year limitedCUPU

Acrylic vs. Cast Iron Tub

Most bathtubs you will find around are either made of metal or acrylic. Metal is definitely stronger and more durable, but acrylic is wildly popular. So, which among the two is the best material for your next bathtub?


Acrylic bathtubs are lighter and much easier to install. With an average weight of 300 pounds, you could install an acrylic tub anywhere in your house. When properly engineered, an acrylic bathtub is able to maintain heat for a longer time than metal or fiberglass would. In terms of costs, acrylic tubs are less expensive. A quality acrylic bathtub will cost $1000 or less, compared to cast iron tubs which can be more expensive.

There are several reasons to choose acrylic over cast iron. For many people, acrylic is the best bathroom material. Here are some of the reasons why and probably why you should buy an acrylic tub:

  • You need a bathtub in an upstairs bedroom. With their lightweight nature; a freestanding acrylic bathtub is the best option for places such as upstairs rooms where you really don’t need heavy installations.
  • You need a quality tub but you are limited on budget. Since acrylic tubs are well rated on the market in terms of quality, they are the best option when your budget does not allow you to buy a cast iron tub.

Cast Iron Tubs

Cast iron tubs are the heavier, more durable versions of acrylic tubs. Quality cast iron tubs are very sturdy; they can have impressive designs and can retain heat as much as acrylic tubs do. The downside of cast iron tubs is their heavy weight and high expenses. However, if you are the person who wants a completely durable tub with no risks of cracking or damage, a cast iron tub will be your best option. It will also be a better option if:

  • You can afford the high initial and installation costs.
  • You want a long lasting bathtub that could last for decades with little maintenance.

Acrylic Bathtub Types

acrylic bathtub typesBefore you buy your next bathtub, learn the different types of acrylic tubs on the market, acrylic bathtub pros and cons and why they would probably fit in your bathroom more than others would.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Also known as roll top baths, freestanding tubs come in easy to install design in any location around your bathroom. They stand on their own, with only a faucet and the drainage system connected to your bathroom water lines and drainage systems. Modern freestanding bathtubs feature high-end designs that allow you to lie confidently in the tubs. The reason they are sometimes called roll ups is that of their elevated designs meant to prevent fungi or mold build up. If you are looking for an easy to install a bathtub, a freestanding bathtub will be your best option.

Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs are very popular among people with small bathrooms. They are small in size, often feature a right angled design to fit easily in one corner and the outer side curved for aesthetics. You can get a left hand or right-hand side corner tub depending on your preferences. If you have a small bathroom, or if your bathroom has an odd shape, a corner tub will fit in perfectly and still provide you with the convenience you need.

Left or Right Tub

Bathtubs conventionally come with a drainage system installed on either the left or left side. If the drainage is on the left side, the tub is better suited next to a left sided wall. However, if you already have your bathroom drainage system connected to the right side of your wall, the best choice is to buy a right sided bathtub. It will be easier to install on the left side of your bathroom.


When replacing the bathtub, size matters. Bathtubs come in numerous sizes, but you want to get the exact size that will be comfortable for you and your family. Measure the bathroom configurations in inches, because many tubs are also sized in inches.

1 and 2 Person Tubs

Also known as double ended tubs, these tubs are designed for one or two people. They often feature two identical ends so that two people bathing can face each other while inside the tubs. Modern 2 person tubs have backrests to add comfort. They are suitable more families.

Best Acrylic Bathtub Buying Guide

acrylic bathtub buying guideBathing in a stylish modern soaker bathtub is a luxury most of us would want to have. Fortunately, it’s also a luxury many people would afford. With a budget of $1000 or even less, you could get one of the best bathtubs on the market today. Making sure that you find exactly the quality bathtub you deserve is, therefore, not an option but a necessity. Below we look at the factors you need to keep in mind as you head on to shop for a good tub.

Installation Position

While installation is probably the last thing on your mind, it’s also an important factor that will affect the type of bathtub you will buy. Bathtubs are often installed in a variety of ways. Freestanding tubs, for example, are designed not to lean on a wall. They sit at the center of your bathroom and could consume a lot of space. If you have a small bathroom, a freestanding tub may not be for you. Instead, a corner tub that can be fit in one corner will be a better tub. If you want a more luxurious bathtub, a whirlpool or under mount bathtub that is installed through your floor will be more ideal.


If you are replacing your old bathtub with a newer model, you shouldn’t have problems figuring out the size to buy. However, you may have to take some measurements of your bathroom to ensure that the bathtub you are about to buy can fit where you want to install it. In a lot of cases, problems arise when you want to buy a bigger bathtub than the one you had before. You can avoid the problem by ensuring that your bathroom desired installation space is slightly bigger than the tub you plan to buy.


Modern bathtubs come with them a lot of luxurious features. You may want to buy a bathtub with some convenience features such as massage jets or aromatherapy features at an extra cost. But even without luxurious features, a quality bathtub should come with necessary features such as drainage, a faucet and maybe a shower head. Other features to look out for in a modern tub include speakers, digital controls for tubs with luxurious add ons, tub lighting and a warranty. A bathtub that shows compliance for use by people with special needs will also be a better feature if you have someone with special needs in your home.

Ease of Installation

Once you are done with the tub buying process, an equally crucial job called installation will be awaiting you. Bathtubs are expensive, and that means you don’t need one that will give you or the technician team troubles during installation. Tubs with the easiest installation job are freestanding tubs because they simply lay at the center of your tub and only connected to the drainage and water lines in a quick process. If you are prepared to pay more to have your dream bathtub installed in your bathroom, however, don’t worry too much about installation. There are many companies that handle bathtub installation at reasonable charges.


Your ideal bathtub is certainly one with the best possible configurations. One that is smooth to operate, easy to access and comfortable to bathe in. If you prefer a freestanding bathtub for two persons, go for nothing different but that one. It’s easy to find your perfect bathtub when you have the right configurations for your bathtub space.


A tub’s design should be synonymous with your personal style. Your ideal tub should not clash with the bathroom’s overall style. Bathroom tubs come with a wide array of designs, color finishes and themes. There are classically designed tubs, contemporary designs, and futuristic designs. Choose a tub that fits your bathroom’s style if you want your bathroom to have a heavenly feel. Keep in mind though that tubs that provide a touch of uniqueness and creativity in their design will cost more than conventionally designed bathtubs.


The best tubs come with a variety of accessories to provide you with strong acrylic baths. Choose a tub with the maximum number of helpful accessories for best experiences. Installation accessories for the drainage are definitely a must have accessories for a good quality tubs.


A long warranty on your tub is always a good thing. Even the best quality materials sometimes crack, in which case the warranty can help you cover repair costs.

Acrylic Bathtub Installation

acrylic bathtub installationThanks to the fact that acrylic bathtubs are some of the most popular on the market, installing them is easier than installing most other types of tubs. They also tend to have near similar formats, with the lower part carrying the most amount of weight. In addition, they often feature frames to add steadiness and the most important accessories. With that format, installing an acrylic tub tend to follow the following procedure.

  1. Install the Frames

    Typically, the tub will come with four frames to be fixed on each of the tub’s four corners. Alternatively, the frames can be stand alone frames that tie into the walls of your bathroom. Either way, the frames should be installed properly on the floor’s joists and fixed to joists on the tub itself. The header frames tend to be slightly higher, but on the level.

  2. The Base

    Once you install the frames into strategic positions, follow the manufacturer’s guide on what to do for the tub’s base. Some manufacturers recommend that your place hard foam shims under the tub while others simply don’t recommend anything. Some recommend that you install the tub on concrete mortar while others recommend expanding foam. Follow the manufacturer’s guide so that you install the tub in a way that it could last for long without getting affected by fungi.

  3. Install the Flange Mounts

    Except for freestanding tubs, a lot of bathtubs feature flange mounts designed to hold onto bathroom walls for better sturdiness. If your tub has flange mounts, install them after you have already installed the tub at the right position and locked it with supporting frames. Flange mounts lock onto wall studs, locking each other such that the tub has minimal or no movements at all.

  4. Access Door

    From time to time, you will need to access the drainage system for repair and maintenance. As you cover the frames with tiles around, therefore, create an access door for easy repair later. The best time to create this access door is during the installation process.

  5. Connect the drainage plumbing

    Since this a process you want to do right, follow the manufacturer’s guide to the letter. It’s not a hard process though, and you can connect both the drainage and the overflow plumb lines in a matter of minutes. But as already stated, follow the manufacturer’s guide to knowing the right measurements and accessories to use for this part of the installation.

Bottom Line

Modern generation bathtubs have everything your old tub misses. They combine quality engineering with a wide range of features to make your baths luxurious and enjoyable. But without the best acrylic bathtub, you risk losing some the luxuries of a modern tub. Fortunately, there is nothing more you need to learn about after reading our acrylic bathtub reviews above. What remains of you is to actualize the buying process by taking measurements in your bathroom and deciding on a tub style to buy.