Best Bath Shower Chair Reviews (For Elderly and Disabled)

Invented in 1750 by James Heath, the bath chair has a long and interesting history. At one time, the bath chair was used by ladies in Britain. Over time, the chair has been modeled and reinvented to suit the needs of the disabled and the elderly. The best bath shower chair today is designed for great convenience, with craftsmanship and designs that offer impressive comfort. However, everyone has different needs, and it’s only important to view our bath shower reviews and the guide below to learn more about the chairs.

For a nursing home or healthcare facility that accommodates people with mobility issues, buying quality bath shower chairs could be the best gift to offer your clients. If you are buying the chair for a loved on, read keenly to view the size and capabilities for different bath shower chairs.

shower chair reviews
  • Drive Medical
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Adjustable height: 16"-20.5"
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Construction: plastic
  • Leg spread: 17" x 15.5"
  • Other: removable legs and arms, non-slip feet
best shower bench
  • NOVA Medical
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs
  • Adjustable height: 16"-21"
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Construction: aluminum frame
  • Leg spread: 16" x 19.25"
  • Other: blow molded seat and back, padded arms, rubber tips, removable legs and arms
best shower chair
  • Dr Kay's
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Adjustable height: 12.5"-18.5"
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Construction: anodized aluminum frame
  • Leg spread: 15.5" x 14.5"
  • Other: flared leg configuration, rubber feet, side handles
top rated shower chair
  • Vaunn
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Adjustable height: 14.5"-19.5"
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Construction: anodized aluminum frame
  • Leg spread: 18" x 17"
  • Other: non-skid rubber tips, removable back support, side handles
best spa chair
  • Duro-Med
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Adjustable height: 19"-23"
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs
  • Construction: aluminum frame
  • Leg spread: 19.5" x 38.5"
  • Other: sliding seat, slip-resistant tips on legs
good handicap shower chair
  • Vive
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Adjustable height: 14”-19.5”
  • Weight: 6 lbs
  • Construction: aluminum frame
  • Leg spread: 19" x 17.5"
  • Other: padded handles, anti-skid tips, disassembled, padded seat and backrest

Top 6 Bath Shower Chairs Reviewed

Dr. Kay’s Bath and Shower Seat

best shower chairDr. Kay’s bath shower chair is not the typical chair you will find on the market. With an inward curved seat with safety handles on either side, the small bench is designed to offer maximum comfort. For stability, the chair features four metal legs, supported by rubber ends to add durability. Dr. Kay’s bath shower chair is also lightweight in nature, with an average height to make it perfect for both short and tall persons to use.


  • Height and weight. Dr. Kay’s bath chair features a standardly sized height that can be adjusted between 12.5 inches and 18.5 inches to suit both tall and short persons. At 4lbs. in weight, the chair is light enough for an elderly person to lift around, yet comfortable enough for a 250 lbs. weighing person to use.
  • Impressive Design. The top rated shower chair features a unique, inwardly curved seat design and U shaped legs to make it as stable as possible. The combination of a white colored seat and chrome finish for the legs further boosts the chairs aesthetic appeal.
  • Stable and Durable. Dr. Kay’s legs are made from strong metal and supported by rubber caps on the lower end for great durability without affecting your bath tub or bathroom’s floor. The seat is also made from quality material so that it can hold people weighing up to 250 lbs.
  • Affordable. Although it doesn’t have any special feature, the quality chair costs only $30.
  • Adjustable. The chair can be adjusted in between 12.5 inches and 18.5 inches to hold people with different heights.


Drive Medical Shower Chair

shower chair reviewsDrive Medical shower is one of the best shower chairs for disabled people. With an armchair design, Drive Medical ensures that the user’s back is fully supported and that they can find extra support in the special arms designed to resemble handles. Similar to other best spa chairs, Drive medical has adjustable legs to suit the needs of a variety of people. The chair is also stable and has rubber padded ends for great stability that does not affect your bathroom’s flooring.


  • Safe and Stable Design. Drive medical is a full support bath chair with a back and arm rests that resemble handles for extra safety. With the addition of for legs padded with rubber, anyone will enjoy having a bath while seated on this chair.
  • Lightweight and Tall. Drive Medical’s chair weighs 9 pounds despite its large surface area and considerably multiple parts. This makes it easy to carry yet comfortable enough for people weighing up to 350 lbs.
  • Safe. The chair has emphasized comfort and safety all round. With a back and arm chairs that resemble handles, stable legs that are well padded with rubber and a seat curved slightly inwards, the chair is safe to use by anyone.
  • Easy to setup and carry. Besides being lightweight, the chair can be disassembled and assembled within minutes. Its back, arm rests and legs can all be removed for easy transportation and assembled back without the help of tools.
  • Value for money. With its large, safe and durable design, Drive Medical’s chair costs less than $40.


NOVA Medical Shower Chair

best shower benchNova Medical chair is a bath shower chair designed to emphasize safety and comfort more than aesthetics. The chair resembles a robot in design, and measures 21.5” x 19”. Since its height can be adjusted in between 18.75 inches and 17.25 inches, the chair can fit in a tall person weighing up to 270 pounds. The chair’s back which is slightly elongated also suits the needs of a tall person comfortably.


  • Durable and Stable. The robot looking bath chair features aluminum made frames and legs for great durability. With the addition of rubber padded arms and leg ends, the chair provides great comfort and stability.
  • Light but Large. NOVA Medical’s chair weighs a mere 7 pounds but has the ability to support a 270 weighing person. To make the user comfortable, the chair is large, measuring 21.7” x 16.5” x 16.9 inches. Tall users will also enjoy the elongated back and the chair’s ability to adjust in between 16 and 21 inches in height.
  • Easy to setup and maintain. NOVA Medical’s chair is designed for easy disassembling and assembling with no need to use any tools. The chair also contains drainage holes along its rubber padded pads to ease maintenance work.
  • Safe. The handicap shower chair comes with large, rubber padded arms and legs that bend slightly outward to make it skid free and stable as much as possible. Its seat surface area is also large to keep your comfortable while you enjoy your showers.


Vaunn Shower Chair

top rated shower chairVaunn is a stylish looking, bath shower chair that offers great comfort to the disabled persons and the elderly. Its bench curves inwards and sits on four stable, Aluminum made legs to provide excellent comfort and support. The addition of a back also enhances the user’s comfort. Additionally, the shower chair for elderly persons has a drainage hole on its bench and rubber padded legs to prevent skidding.


  • Design and Build. Vaunn is an attractive chair and will look good under any bathroom interior décor. Its chrome finish on the legs, bench, and back makes it outstanding. On the other hand, the chair features strong, metal made legs and frames for long durability. Its legs additionally feature padded rubber ends to provide stability with no risk of skidding.
  • Comfortable and Stable. The shower chair is designed to offer comfort and safety before everything else. Its inwardly curved bench, back, and stable legs exemplify this ability to provide the comfort and stability needed by an elderly person.
  • Easy to setup and maintain. The shower chair features a back can be removed to ease transportation. Regardless, the chair is light, weighing only 3.8 pounds despite its ability to hold large persons that weigh up to 300 lbs. This is courtesy of the chair’s large bench and stable design.
  • Comes with drainage holes on its bench for easy drainage of water as the user bathes.
  • The chair can also be adjusted in height to accommodate both short and tall people comfortably.


Duro-Med Shower Chair

best spa chairDuro-Med shower chair features a unique, sliding transfer bench to help the user move comfortably on either side of the chair. Owing to that feature, Duro-med features a large footprint, with measurements almost double those of a normal shower chair. To be specific, Duro-med measures 39 x 18 x 38 inches and weighs 13.0 pounds. The chair’s bench is also large and comes with an elongated back to provide great support to the user.


  • Designed for comfort. Duro-med is a long sliding bench chair that could be perfect for people who use wheelchairs for mobility. With its sliding nature, the user doesn’t have to get into the bathroom while on her wheelchair. Instead, the user simply positions one end of the chair outside the bathroom and slides near the shower comfortably.
  • Quality construction. The sliding bench chair features a quality plastic chair supported by highly durable aluminum frames. In addition, the chair’s nylon strap locks are crafted with great engineering so that they can provide a long service life.
  • Large and Stable. Duro-Med’s chair is designed to fit in light and overweight persons as well. With its quality straps and frames, the chair can hold someone who weighs in excess of 400 pounds. On the other hand, the textured plastic on the bench and back provides extra stability with no risk of falling as the bench slides on either side.
  • Adjustable Height. Although the chair is already big enough for average sized people, it features a height that could be adjusted in between 19 and 23 inches. The adjustment, however, happens with increments of one inch.


Vive Shower Chair

good handicap shower chairVive Shower chair looks beautiful yet holds a quality engineered body for a long lasting service life. With its large arms, textured seat and back, the chair will provide both the comfort every user deserves and the stability to prevent any slip related accidents. Vive’s shower chair is also large, with an ability to fit in someone weighing in excess of 300 pounds. In addition, the chair’s adjustable height features will ensure that anyone can benefit from it irrespective of their height.


  • Comfortable seat with Drainage Holes. Vive shower chair features a large, textured plastic seat that provides great comfort to the user. Additionally, the chair has a contoured back and large arms that help add comfort. On the other hand, Vive’s shower chair features drainage holes to improve maintenance.
  • Durable. The good folding shower seat is designed from contoured quality plastic for great durability. Its frames, on the other hand, are made from corrosion resistant aluminum to provide both stability and a long service life. With the addition of padded legs, Vive’s shower chair remains stable and durable.
  • Large and adjustable. At measurements of 24 x 14 x 5 inches, the chair is already big enough for an average person. However, the seat could also be adjusted in between 14 and 19.5 inches to suit taller persons.
  • Lightweight and Easy to setup. Vive’s shower chair weighs a mere 6.1 pounds. When disassembled, the chair becomes absolutely easy to carry around. Most of its parts can be disassembled and setup without the help of tools.


Why the Disabled and Elderly Need to Use a Shower Chair

When you have difficulties with mobility, a simple activity such as showering becomes daunting. You cannot move in and out of a tub easily, yet you can’t also stand for several minutes in a shower. But since we can’t do without bathing every day, there should be a better way for the elderly and disabled to bath comfortably. Fortunately, a shower chair is the solution people with mobility issues need for several reasons.


Shower chairs are either large, square shaped with armrests, or curved inwards to resemble a bench. For support, the chairs feature aluminum made materials, with some having rubber pads to prevent slipping. With these qualities, the best bath bench will help a disabled person shower with no risks of injuries in the bathroom.

Easy Access

People who use wheelchairs have difficulties accessing bathrooms. However, this problem is completely solved when a shower chair is used. Some quality shower chairs, for instance, have a sliding bench to help the disabled person have access into the shower in a smooth transition. All the elderly man or disabled woman needs is a quality shower chair, and access to the bathroom becomes effortless.


Nothing provides better comfort than a textured chair with armrests for extra support. With the curved nature of modern shower chairs, a back and frames for support, elderly people can now shower without struggles or support from others. A quality shower chair will more than often also provide relaxation to the user. This is of great advantage to elderly people, to whom standing for a while can be both painful and distressing.

They are Affordable

With quality shower chairs costing below $50, there is no reason for an elderly or disabled person not to have a shower chair. After all, alternatives to shower chairs are either expensive or risky.

Choosing the Best Shower Chair

A shower chair by its nature is supposed to withstand constant exposure to water without rusting. It should hold persons weighing up to 300 pounds and should provide the comfort and stability that its main target users-the elderly and disabled yearn for. This makes the following features absolutely important to look out for as you shop for a quality shower chair for your loved one.

  1. Quality of the Seat

    The first thing people look at when they see a shower chair is its seat. How large is it? Can it fit in your loved one comfortably? Settle for a chair that is slightly curved inwards and fitted with drainage holes if you want comfort and easy maintenance. The seat size will depend on the size and weight of the user. Also, ensure that the seat is textured or contoured to reduce any slippery chances.

  2. Rubber Padded Legs

    Modern shower chairs come with metal made legs that are resistant to corrosion. This is an important feature as the chair is bound to come into contact with water. The fact that metal is the best material all goes back to durability and strength. Metal made legs will hold large people and keep the chair stable throughout the shower session. Rubber padding, on the other hand, provides anti slipper while also protecting your floor from getting scratched by metal.

  3. Height

    Almost every shower chair worth buying nowadays has adjustable height features. This eliminates the possibility of buying a chair that could be too short or too long for the user. It also makes it versatile, as someone else with mobility issues could benefit from the chair.

  4. Safety and Comfort

    There are several indicators that define a safe shower chair. The presence of armrests, for instance, adds comfort to a chair. A chair with back, stable legs and rubber pads all enhance the comfort of the user. Buy a chair with all the aforementioned features if safety is something you dearly hold.

  5. Compartments and Drainage Systems

    Some shower chairs feature compartments where you could store toiletry or a few other items such as soap. These features, together with a drainage system that leaves the chair with no stagnant water after a shower should help you find value in the money you invest.

  6. Cost and Warranty

    Quality shower chairs cost as little as $30 but can go as high as $150 for chairs with more features and capabilities. For $50 you should find a good chair with the comfort, strength, and durability you need. Also, look out for a chair that provides a warranty.


Unless you need more clarification about these chairs, our shower chair review above should help you find a quality chair for your loved one. Keep in mind that quality in the best shower chair has a lot to do with comfort and safety and less in design and attractiveness. If you find a chair with all the features you desire, go for it. If not, prioritize the chair’s quality, comfort and capacity to hold your loved one conveniently above everything else.