Best Bathroom Vanities Reviews (Guide 2017)

The best bathroom vanities can tie your small bathroom space together and offer enough space for you to store important items. If you have private items you would like hidden from the eyes of your guests, the vanity’s drawers can serve you perfectly. Modern vanities also add aesthetics in your bathroom, allowing you also to repaint it or redecorate it for your own convenience. But as important as vanities are, choosing the right one isn’t always easy. Read on for our bathroom vanities reviews along with a guide to help you pick the ideal unit for your home.

There are several varieties of bathroom vanities in today’s online market. Cabinet style, contemporary and antique bathroom vanities are the most popular. They all have their pros and cons, though, but reading on to find a vanity of each type will help you decide what style fits your bathroom the best.

bathroom vanities reviews
  • Simpli Home Chelsea
  • Dimensions: 37" w x 21.5" d x 34.5"
  • Counter top: white quartz marble
  • Sink: vitreous china
  • Material: solid hardwood frame and legs
best bathroom sink cabinets
  • Legion Furniture WLF6020-W
  • Dimensions: 24" x 18.8" x 34"
  • Counter top: white ceramic
  • Sink: ceramic
  • Material: wood
best bathroom vanities
  • Chans Furniture CF28885BU
  • Dimensions: 46.75" x 21.75" x 34"
  • Counter top: white marble
  • Sink: white under mount porcelain
  • Material: solid wood drawers and plywood frames
high quality bathroom vanities
  • Kitchen Bath Collection KBC388WTCARR
  • Dimensions: 48" x 22" x 35"
  • Counter top: marble
  • Sink: undermount ceramic
  • Material: solid birch wood
good quality bathroom vanities
  • Benton Collection CF28884BU
  • Dimensions: 36" x 21.5" x 34"
  • Counter top: white marble
  • Sink: white under mount porcelain
  • Material: solid wood drawers and plywood frames
affordable bathroom vanities
  • Ove Decors Georgia-42
  • Dimensions: 42" x 22" x 34.5"
  • Counter top: granite
  • Sink: ceramic
  • Material: dark wood

Top 6 Bathroom Vanities Reviewed

Chans Furniture CF28885BU Bathroom Vanity

best bathroom vanitiesChans Furniture is one of the most respected vanity manufacturers in North America. With the CF28885BU, the company introduces a plantation inspired vanity that holds great durability and sturdiness. The high quality bathroom vanity takes the shape of a cottage to minimize on space but adds an elegant, casual appearance in your bathroom. The unit features everything you would expect from a quality vanity. This includes a pre installed porcelain made sink, 8 medium sized drawers, a large compartment, a countertop and an already cut back panel.

  • Fully Assembled. Chans Furniture fully assembled this beautifully designed vanity so that you have an easy time installing it in your bathroom. It features a fully installed porcelain made sink and a pre-cut opening to fit in a 3 holes 8 inch wide faucet. It doesn’t come with a faucet though.
  • Size and Weight. Chans’ vanity measures 46.75 x 21.75 x 34 and weighs 185 pounds. Its size may seem average, but that’s probably all you have in space in the bathroom. Again, the vanity unit features one large compartment and eight drawers to offer you the space you need to store valuable items in the bathroom.
  • Durable. The Chans’ unit is a wooden structure, graced with a marble countertop and porcelain sink to add both elegance and durability. Overall, the unit’s engineering combined with its wooden nature guarantees you of decades of durable performances. And to your advantage, the structure reads elegance all over it thanks to its cottage design and smooth finishes.


Simpli Home Chelsea Bathroom Sink Cabinet

bathroom vanities reviewsSimpli Home is a Canadian company most famous for making vanities. Simpli Home Chelsea stands out among their model thanks to its average size that fits the needs of many North Americans. The 36 inch vanity product features a white colored modern design. It has a top sink, multiple drawers and better yet it’s one of the best bathroom sink cabinets according to online reviewers. Ratings aside, the vanity is elegant in both design and finishing. It’s also wooden to guarantee durability.

  • High Quality Design and Finish. Simpli Home Chelsea features hardwood parts that make the unit stand solid and sturdy. On the exterior, the vanity structure features a veneer cover that is smoothly finished by premium white coating to add elegance. Its knobs are further brushed with nickel to add a layer of beauty. The unit’s overall design will match properly with most types of bathroom decoration.
  • Size and Compartments. Chelsea measures 37 x 21.5 x 34.5 inches. With that space, the Simpli Home included a large compartment and four small drawers to help you as many items as you may need in the bathroom.
  • Durable. Every part of the Simpli home vanity is built with durability in mind. Its hard frames and legs, for instance, are all curved from strong wood. Its rectangular shaped sink is strong while the marble countertop adds both style and strength. It also features a cut out space for easy installation of your preferred faucet type.


Legion Furniture WLF6020-W Good Quality Bathroom Vanity

best bathroom sink cabinetsLegion Furniture WLF6020-W features a unique tall design with an open space storage area located beneath its large compartment. If you are looking for a low budget vanity with a large storage capacity, this Legion Furniture’s model is it. Weighing only 68.4 pounds, the vanity item features a ceramic top and sink, a tall body and smooth finish to keep your bathroom looking stylish.

  • Design and Build. For best experiences, Legion Furniture designed this unit with both ceramic and wood. The countertop and sink are made from ceramic for an elegant design, while the drawers, frames, and legs are all wooden. The result is a strong and sturdy vanity that could last for decades yet beautiful enough to keep your bathroom looking stylish.
  • Pre-installed. In addition to its quality craftsmanship on its exteriors and interiors, the Legion Furniture’s model has a pre-installed sink, multiple drawers and prepared spacing for your faucet. Although not very many, the structure’s large compartment and open space storage area will provide you with the spacing you need to store your towels and other items.
  • Brushed Nickel Knobs. While the good quality bathroom vanity has a smooth finish, its elegance is supported by the brushed nickel knobs on its doors.
  • Lightweight and Space Saving. The Legion Furniture’s model weighs 68.4 pounds, making it one of the lightest quality bathroom vanities on the market today. If you have minimal space in your bathroom you will also love its small 24 inch footprint. Overall the structure measures 24 x 18.8 x 34 inches.


Kitchen Bath Collection KBC388WTCARR Bathroom Vanity

high quality bathroom vanitiesKitchen Bath Collection tends to appear among best bathroom cabinets reviews. Their WTCARR is no different, as the white colored 48 inch vanity is among the best rated vanities you can find on the market. Ratings aside, the Kitchen collection model is a large unit with multiple drawers that can fit all your private items, bathroom used tools and anything else you want to be hidden from the eyes of your guests. The unit is also elegant, featuring one of the best designs and accents you will find among top rated vanities. To start with, the unit combines a marble countertop with a ceramic sink on the top side for a stylish appearance. Its door knobs are brushed with nickel to enhance the already elegant white color body.

  • Fully assembled with a faucet as a gift. While many bathroom vanities provide a pre built sink and full installation, few of them also offer drainage systems and a faucet that matches the unit’s design. Kitchen Bath Collection 48” vanity comes fully installed with everything you’ll need in a vanity, including a huge faucet and pop up drainage system.
  • High Quality Design and Finish. The 48” vanity product combines a variety of accents and materials to deliver a high quality stylish product. Its marble countertop rhymes aesthetically with the under mounted ceramic made sink. The white color finish of the structure and brushed nickel accents on the door knobs further enhances style.
  • Durable and Versatile. With its strong wooden body, Italian made marble countertop and strong door knobs, the structure is assured of lasting for decades. Additionally, the kitchen collection model features multiple drawers for versatility reasons.


Benton Collection CF2888-42 Affordable Bathroom Vanity

good quality bathroom vanitiesIf you love antique style products, Benton’s CF2888-42 bathroom vanity could be the perfect solution for you. Measuring 36 inches in length, the structure features a traditional vanity design with one drawer located on top of the main compartment. Additionally, the unit features a fully installed sink and cut out spacing for easy installation of a faucet. Its finish is the old day faux finish, with the countertop taking a natural stone design. Overall, Benton’s new collection is not a colorful structure, but a durable unit poised to serve efficiently as a bathroom vanity.

  • Fully Assembled and Durable. Similar to most affordable bathroom vanities on the market, Benton Collection’s 36” unit is fully assembled, including a cottage style sink. Its countertop is made from natural marble and fully assembled as well. However, you’ll need to buy a 3 hole, faucet for your bathroom. Its backsplash is also optional.
  • Size and Build. The Benton’s collection vanity measures 36 x 21.5 x 34 inches while weighing 140 pounds. It’s relatively average in size but features a large countertop beneath a top drawer. When it comes to construction, however, the unit is better than average. Its countertop is made from natural stone, while the under mount sink is ceramic made. Its frames, doors, and drawers are made from strong wood, while the door knobs are metal constructed for extra durability.
  • Faux Finish with an antique style. The Benton collection unit features a traditional 2-door compartment design with a drawer placed above the main compartments. The structure’s finish takes a faux design, with the marble countertop adding discolorations for aesthetics.


Ove Decors Georgia-42 Bathroom Vanity

affordable bathroom vanitiesOve Decors Georgia-42 offers a contemporary 42 inch vanity design with specially designed legs for great durability. With four main drawers and one large compartment, the vanity product offers plenty of space for bathroom use tools and items. Its design is unique, featuring a dark wood varnish finish and a white sandy granite countertop for contrasting stylish looks. It also comes fully assembled to ensure you have an easy time with its installation.

  • Size and Weight. Ove Décor is a 180 pounds weighing 42” bathroom vanity. In width the structure measures 22 inches while it stands 34.5 inches high. But to ensure you utilize its volume diligently, Ove Decors divided its drawers into five main parts: One large compartment and 4 small drawers. The drawers have smooth closing hinges and quality handles for safe closing and opening.
  • High Quality, durable design. Ove Decors’ 42 inch vanity takes a contemporary design with excellent accents to add style and elegance to your bathroom. On the sides, the structure features a dark wood finish, while the countertop is graced by white color granite sand. Overall, the structure is unique, and few on the market match its immaculate styling.
  • Fully Assembled. Georgia 42, like all leading vanities, come fully installed with a sink and cut out spacing for your faucet. The sink works with an 8 inch center set faucet and most drainage systems.


How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity?

bathroom vanities buying guideNow that you know the top selling bathroom vanities on the market, discover what will help you find the ideal vanity for your bathroom. Learn how to pick the right size, the right material and the style for a vanity within your budget in the following guide. And since bathroom vanities are permanent fixtures, it’s important that you are keen to understand all these elements.


Bathroom vanities are not created equal. They come built with different materials. Some of these materials could affect their durability, strength or reaction to humidity. Wood, for instance, is the most common construction material you will find around. A quality wooden made will provide great durability, but it’s also not always immune to excess humidity. Solid wood that contains protective varnish is the best, followed by rubber wood if you want more durability.

As you will probably find out, bathroom vanity manufacturers make the countertops with different sort of materials. This is important for you as the countertop tends to add style and durability to the vanity also. Granite sand, marble, and other natural metal products are most often used for the countertop. Simply choose a vanity whose countertop is aesthetically appealing and durable as well.


Bathroom vanities take different sizes and heights. You want to find a vanity that will fit in the space you have yet provide you the storage capacity you need. Measure the space you have at the bathroom first before deciding on a size to go with. In most cases, you will have to settle for a smaller vanity than the space you need due to installation reasons. With that in mind, average bathroom sizes range between 20 inches and 50 inches. They are often rectangular shaped and have different heights depending on the number of drawers. The average height for bathroom vanities is 32 inches, with some very tall models measuring 40 inches or more.

Vanity Types

For a long time, inexpensive bathroom vanities had one style of design: Free standing rectangular shaped. Today, there are several types of vanities to suit the needs of different people. The most common style to date is still the freestanding design. The vanity seats on the floor while one side is attached to the walls using screws. However, if you are looking for a more different style, consider the following:

  1. Floating Vanity. These bathroom vanities are mounted on the wall, saving you on space and improving the overall appearance of your bathroom. If you have limited space in your bathroom, consider buying this type of vanity.
  2. Glass Vanities. Glass vanities are not different from other types of vanities expect for the fact that they are made from glass. They are modern style bathroom vanities, providing an open space experience yet lockable for privacy.
  3. Open Space. An open space vanity has some storage areas not confined by doors and instead left open. Some modern vanities take advantage of the inviting nature of open space vanities by leaving one drawer open space.
  4. Double sink vanities. Several types of vanities provide two sinks on the countertop instead of one. Some provide a basin and a sink at the countertop. These new types of bathroom vanities came along in the last decade and are quite popular on the modern market.

There are several other styles such as vanities that allow you to customize the countertop to your advantage. If you love antiques, there are plenty of bathroom vanities to suit your bathroom needs. On the modern market, you will also find vanities that combine elements of traditional vanities with the modern styles.


Bathroom vanities need to be installed at the end of it all. You want a model that will give you the easiest time in installation. In that sense, settle for a vanity that comes fully assembled with the sink and countertop intact. If you have a flexible budget, buy a vanity with a faucet, pop up drain and accessories needed for installation.


There is more to a bathroom vanity than drawers. The best vanities come with a myriad of features to make your experience using it convenient. Buy a vanity with the most useful features for your situation. These features include a faucet, sink drainage accessories and locks for the drawers.

Cost and Warranty

Bathroom vanities differ greatly in price. Small bathroom vanities are the cheapest, while bigger vanities with more impressive designs come at a higher cost. On the other hand, ensure that you buy a vanity protected by a warranty.

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity installationInstalling a bathroom vanity can be tricky. It is often easier to overlook simple steps when installing structures that come fully installed. If you are a keen person, however, installing any type of bathroom vanity will be easier. The following installation guide assumes you know your piping arrangements and you have the vanity already.

  1. Step one: Install a Faucet

    Most bathroom vanities don’t come with a faucet for costs reasons. However, all quality vanities will have space cutout for easy installation of a faucet. Disconnect the water lines and prepare to install the faucet. Mark the walls to show you the space that the new vanity will take. This will help you install the faucet at the right place. It also ensures that your sink and its drainage systems will fall into place once you install the vanity.

  2. Step Two: Remove the Doors and Drawers

    Vanities are easiest to install when you have already remove the drawers. Many manufacturers provide a guide on how to unhinge the doors for easier installation. Remove them and set the vanity in place according to the marks you earlier made. Ensure that the vanity seats into place on all sides. If one side is not on a level with the rest, use shims to make all sides fall into perfect position.

  3. Step Three: Drills Holes to Install the Vanity onto walls

    Some vanities are installed onto the walls with the help of screws. Drill holes at strategic areas on the back side of the vanity to fit with its studs or screws. Use a tile bit to drill holes on tile walls and a wood bit if you need to drill holes on the vanity. For sturdiness, use wall anchors that will fit the type of wall you have.

  4. Step Three: Install the Sink

    Installing the sink should come last. Some people also install the faucet together with the sink. For installing the sink, assemble all the accessories you will need for the installation. Add silicone adhesive the opening in the vanity and the opening on the sink’s rim. Set the sink on the vanity, preferably while using the help of another person. Reconnect the drain and then the water supplies. Replace old water valves and connect the piping accordingly. Add caulk around the sink to make it last.

  5. Step Four: Test for Leaks

    Turn on the water pipes to test for leaks before you reattach the vanity doors and drawers.

Bottom Line

The right time to find the best bathroom vanity is when everyone is on holidays. Companies are lower prices to attract buyers at the time. But as you may have realized in our bathroom vanities reviews above, you can’t find the right bathroom vanity when you don’t have the features you know. As such, make a point to size up your bathroom, identify the amount of space you need and shop around to find the ideal vanity for your situation.