Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Reviews (Comparison of Top 6)

You probably wouldn’t be able to imagine the world without the tech devices you own. From selfie sticks that help you take precious photos wherever you go to wireless speakers that let you enjoy music on the go. From smartphones that have completely revolutionized communication to the computers you use, it’s a smarter world we live in. Unfortunately, few of these tools can be used wherever you go. Bluetooth shower speakers are some of the few tools you could move with. When heading to the shower, connect it to your smartphone and you will enjoy your music to the fullest. Read our Bluetooth shower speaker reviews below to learn of some of the best Bluetooth shower speaker models you should consider buying.

Some of the following Bluetooth shower speakers are best-selling in major online retailers, which shows that they are built with quality in mind. They are primarily built to help you enjoy your showers with their great audio functionalities. And at the same time, make your showers livelier with a selection of your favorite songs.

waterproof bluetooth shower speaker reviews
  • Omaker M4
  • Power output: 3W
  • Playback time: 12 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Battery: 1500mAh
  • Includes: speaker, USB power cable, 3.5mm audio Cable, lanyard, user guide
best waterproof bluetooth speaker
  • AYL-SoundFit
  • Power output: 5W
  • Playback time: 12 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Battery: 2000 MAH
  • Includes: speaker, USB power cable, 3.5mm audio Cable
best bluetooth shower speaker
  • VicTsin VS1-PA57G-VD
  • Power output: 5W
  • Playback time: 4-6 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Battery: 3.7V/500 MAH
  • Includes: mini speaker, camping snap hook, USB charge cable, suction cup, user manual
small bluetooth speaker for shower
  • Power output: 5W
  • Playback time: 9 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Battery: lithium ion
  • Includes: mini speaker, micro USB cable
top rated bluetooth shower speaker
  • SoundBot SB510 HD
  • Power output: 3W
  • Playback time: 6 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Battery: 3.7V 400mAh
  • Includes: bluetooth speaker, USB charging cable, user manual
most powerful bluetooth speaker for shower
  • iFox iF012
  • Power output: 3W
  • Playback time: 10 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Includes: Bluetooth speaker, USB charging cable, suction cup, user manual

Top 6 Bluetooth Shower Speakers Reviewed

Vic Tsing Bluetooth Shower Speaker

best bluetooth shower speakerVic Tsing is a classy low budget shower head speaker you can carry on along wherever you go. In the shower, it is where you can feel its biggest impact, however. With its sealed, waterproof cases, you place it anywhere in your bathroom and it will perform incredibly well, no matter how much water gets its way. The waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker is also shockproof and it will survive most kinds of harsh weather conditions.

  • Powered by a rechargeable battery. VicTsing features a very powerful battery that runs up to six hours of music at 70% volume. The battery, according to many reviews online is also built to last for long.
  • Hands-Free Function. The whole idea of making VicTsing a shower speaker is so that you could play and enjoy music while you shower. And with the built in MIC hands-free function, you can shower all you want, drive or work at home without having to touch your phone to change songs.
  • High Quality Audio, 5W speaker. VicTsing is not only a loud Bluetooth speaker; it also delivers high quality music. The shower head speaker supports A2DP and streams stereo with full range output.
  • Impressive Design. The VicTsing model has a sharp friendly design. It has a strong build and could last for long. Additionally, the shower speaker features an alloy metal hook for the convenience of storage. It is also light, weighing 7.4 ounces.


Omaker M4 Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

waterproof bluetooth shower speaker reviewsOmaker M4 is a top rated Bluetooth shower speaker built to deliver two of the most important features of a Bluetooth speaker: stereo quality and durability. Durability is a particularly important feature to keep mind because you will hardly find a shower speaker that will last for as long as you would hope. But with the rugged, stereo like design, you can be sure that you have months and years to enjoy with this shower speaker. Besides durability, the speaker also delivers some top quality music. It is IP54-rated shockproof, dustproof and splash proof to ensure you can conveniently enjoy your music even when the device gets hit by dust.

  • Wireless Connectivity. Omaker offers a lot of connectivity for a Bluetooth speaker that costs less than $30. To start with it is a Bluetooth version 4.0, which makes its stereo output with modern devices incredible. In addition, you can pair the speaker with NFC compatible devices and enjoy seamless connectivity.
  • Multiple Controls. Omaker buttons are exactly what you need when you can’t stop showering to pick your phone or select songs. It has a control for power and next to it is a button you can use to pause, playback songs pick calls and end them. The next buttons are also for multi-function purposes. You can use them to fast forward and reverse, or hold them down or up to adjust volume.
  • Battery Powered. Omaker’s battery is more powerful than those of other wireless shower speakers in its price range. It is built to keep the charge for 12 playback hours at 80% volume. Most Bluetooth speakers measure their batteries’ power on a 50% volume.


AYL SoundFit – Most Powerful Shower Speaker

best waterproof bluetooth speakerRated as one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers out there, AYL Soundfit is a device of choice for many people. It comes in a medium, rectangular shaped design to make it appear like a traditional DSLR camera. But in the simple design, you are bound to get great value for the less than $30 price it comes at. For starters, the device is easy to set up with your smart devices. Its sound quality is epic and has a battery with a playback period of close to 12 hours.

  • Powerful speaker. Compared to some of the most powerful Bluetooth speaker in the market, AYL SoundFit delivers great value. It features a 5-watt audio system to ensure that you get greater quality stereo output. In comparison, most best rated Bluetooth speakers also work with 5-Watt systems for greater quality music.
  • Easy to Pair. AYL SoundFit is a 4.1 technology Bluetooth devices designed to easily work with most smart devices. Whether you own an iPhone or an android device, you can listen to your music conveniently well while using the AYL Bluetooth speaker. It has a long reach of 33 ft. to ensure you enjoy your music as you shower, hike, cycle or drive without having to reach out to your phone to control the music.
  • Quality Battery. The speaker’s battery holds the charge for up to 12 hours of playback music at 80% volume. When it comes to charging, the speaker will fully get charged in 3 hours with the help of a Micro USB cable.


UE ROLL Mini Bluetooth Shower Speaker

small bluetooth speaker for showerUE ROLL is a super-portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has been in best-selling charts for some time. It comes in a beautiful design and an assortment of colors to make attractive to display wherever you go. To be specific, UE ROLL takes a spherical shape that makes it stand out from typical rectangular shaped tools. As already stated, the tool’s finish features a myriad of color designs to ensure you pick on that can boost aesthetics in your bathroom, car or office. The device’s sound quality is also epic, thanks to its 5-Watt system.

  • Better, louder sound quality. Certainly, UE ROLL is not the right device for a house party. But it is certainly a great shower speaker thanks to its improved sound quality. Again, the device achieves an incredible sound output on 360 degrees range with deep bass. Compared to other devices in its price range, the water resistant shower speaker delivers better sound quality and a lot more in coverage. The speaker covers 65 ft. to be specific, which is almost double what other devices cover.
  • Portability. In its vessel shaped design small spherical shape, you can keep it in your bag or place it anywhere in your car for easy portability
  • Control Features. UE ROLL has some wonderful control features meant to make to improve your experience. Besides the expected volume and power buttons, the tool has a wireless play control feature. This helps you double the music sound while using two UE ROLL devices but with the same smartphone.
  • Battery. UE ROLL’s battery keeps the charge for up to 9 hours of playback.


SoundBot SB510 HD Best Value Bluetooth Shower Speaker

top rated bluetooth shower speakerWith a great waterproof Bluetooth speaker for shower like SOUNDBOT SB510, not even water should stop you from enjoying music. The wireless speaker is specifically designed to help you enjoy music when you shower or drive. It is an easy task to connect device irrespective and it will work with both Android and Apple’s smart devices. Additionally, the device has several convenient functions that make it absolutely easy and convenient to pick calls or control your playlist while you shower.

  • Easy Compatibility. One of the features that make SoundBot SB510 HD is that it works with almost any kind of smart devices. It plays music from a wide range of formats and has great control features to ensure you enjoy from its quality stereo to the maximum.
  • High definition stereo output. The SoundBot device is a 3.0 Bluetooth system with universal compatibility to any device that supports Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Control Features. Some of the key control features with the SoundBot model includes a volume control feature, a fast forward and reverse feature as well as a multifunction button for power and pause.
  • Design and Build. The SoundBot model is surely not the most attractive Bluetooth speaker in the market, but it is not ugly either. However, considering that it costs a little over $10, you can’t complain about design. Its built is, on the other hand, shows that it could last for years. It is also light, weighing only 45 grams.
  • Battery Power. The speaker’s battery offers a playback period of 5 or more hours. It is easy to recharge and has a charging time of 3 hours.


iFox iF012 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

most powerful bluetooth speaker for showeriFox IF012 is one of the most popular shower speakers in the market today. The device has been in the market for a while now. Overtime, the Bluetooth shower head speaker has been the talk of many blogs and stereo experts for its great features. Starting with the quality of its stereo system, iFox uses a 3-Watt system to deliver crystal clear sound quality even when its battery is near battery low. Its design depicts style, while it is also meant to serve you for years.

  • Best Rated. In most online retail stores, iFox012 is considered the best portable waterproof speaker. The device is further approved by almost every major agency that checks for audio systems’ quality.
  • Waterproof. The shower speaker is completely water resistant, which is, after all, the reason why it is advertised as a shower speaker. You can keep the device under water 1 meter deep, and you could still use it afterward. It is that good!
  • Quality Stereo output. iFox012 uses a rare 3-Watt system to deliver its quality sound output. It is further fitted with a Bluetooth version 3.0 for easy pairing with all types of smart devices. You also control your music conveniently at the push of a button. You can lower or increase volume, power on and or fast forward your playlist at the comfort of your pool.
  • Comes with a one year guarantee.


Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Comparison Table

Product namePower outputPlayback time Charging timeBatteryIncludes
Omaker M43W12 hours3 hours1500mAhspeaker, USB power cable, 3.5mm audio Cable, lanyard, user guide
AYL-SoundFit5W12 hours3 hours2000 MAHspeaker, USB power cable, 3.5mm audio Cable
VicTsin VS1-PA57G-VD5W4-6 hours3 hours3.7V/500 MAHmini speaker, camping snap hook, USB charge cable, suction cup, user manual
UE ROLL5W9 hours2.5 hourslithium ionmini speaker, micro USB cable
SoundBot SB510 HD3W6 hours3 hours3.7V 400mAhbluetooth speaker, USB charging cable, user manual
iFox iF0123W10 hours3 hours650mAhBluetooth speaker, USB charging cable, suction cup, user manual

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker

bluetooth shower speaker buying guideThe best wireless Bluetooth shower speaker can help you lose immerse into great hit songs as you shower. You can make calls, change songs and dance all while you shower. But finding that particular Bluetooth speaker to make our showers a studio isn’t an easy task. There are plenty of features to look out for, such as price, ratings and other factors that should help you break a tie when you find two irresistible speakers. Below we look at all of these factors so that your buying decision becomes easier.

  1. Sound Quality

    The very essence of buying a mini Bluetooth shower speaker is to help you enjoy your music when you can’t get with your phone into the bathroom. And that’s why sound quality should be your biggest priority in the speaker. The best speakers use a 3-Watt or 5-Watt system that enhances sound from your smart device to make it clearer and louder. If you will also be using the speaker outdoor, ensure that it can project sound to a larger coverage. The average speaker projects sound in a 33 ft. radius, but some speakers will project sound up to 70 ft. away.

  2. Compatibility

    Are you buying the speaker for your iPhone alone? If that is your case, your ideal speaker must be iPhone compatible. The best idea though is to select a Bluetooth speaker that is compatible with as many smart devices as possible. You don’t live in your bathroom after all. You may need to use the speaker for your laptop, your android tablet and iPad. Something else to keep in mind is that Bluetooth technology keeps on changing. You could have a smart device that is enhanced in nature and will need an enhanced Bluetooth as well. Look out for the Bluetooth version (3.0, 4.0, and 4.1 or higher) and buy a device that is compatible with all of them.

  3. Water Resistance

    Manufacturers sell two types of shower speakers: splash proof and completely waterproof shower head speakers. The better device is one that is completely waterproof because you could use it in other vulnerable places such as pools and keep in top performance. Some great models could get at the bottom of your swimming pool and still emerge as a functional device. A splash proof can’t guarantee that but it isn’t worse either. You can buy a splash proof speaker and make it last if you are keen to place it somewhere it won’t get drenched and lose its resistance to water.

  4. How easy it can be operated

    How easy it is to use your Bluetooth device is an important factor to keep in mind. If you are after the best small Bluetooth speaker for shower, let it be the easiest to use as well. Look out for control features that can help you power it on and off, fast forward and reverse your playlist as well as control volumes. Other features that make these speakers easier to operate include an automatic Bluetooth pairing feature and a multipoint connectivity function.

  5. Battery Life

    Virtually all major Bluetooth shower speakers are powered by a rechargeable battery. How long that battery keeps it charge as you play your music is an important feature to look out for. The average speaker goes for about 6 hours of music while on a 60% volume. Better quality devices will reach 12 hours of playback while at 70% volume, meaning you don’t have to keep recharging your device very often. In relation to the battery, also check out how easy it is to recharge the battery and how long it takes to fully recharge it. A quality speaker should be full in 2-3 hours.

  6. Design

    There are myriads of shower speakers out there, meaning that there are plenty of designs to choose from. Choose one that not only looks good in your bathroom, but one whose shape and design makes you comfortable to carry or display around. The device should also look quality so that you have a speaker that could serve you for a while.

  7. Cost

    Shower speakers are not expensive. Concentrate on ensuring that your ideal speaker has all the features you want before you can confirm that you can afford it. Keep in mind however that the top rated, more durable shower speakers are likely to last for longer.

Bottom Line

The best Bluetooth shower speaker has plenty of features to make it more than just a shower speaker. You will comfortably use the best speaker while showering, in your car, as you hike, in your office and while at the swimming pool. That’s why there is no reason you should select a device that can’t help you beyond you’re the confines of your bathroom. Select a shower head whose features could help you explore music wherever you are. But at the same time, keep in mind that sound quality and the tool’s durability at two most important features to check out as you revisit our Bluetooth shower speaker reviews to pick your ideal device.