Best Fogless Shower Mirror Reviews (Top 6 in 2017)

Shaving is fun for many people and a nightmare to some. But irrespective of whether you enjoy eliminating your whiskers and hair or not, try doing it in front of a fogless mirror and you will find out what you are missing out on. For a price tag that does not exceed $50, the best fogless shower mirror will help you shave easily while you can also enjoy the pleasures of steam flowing all around you. Shaving while showering also helps you save on your time. Unfortunately, manufacturers tend to exaggerate the effectiveness of their fogless mirrors. The prices can also be pretty close, which is why our fogless shower mirror reviews below focus mostly on the features that make the fogless mirrors important.

Since some fogless mirrors are designed with treatments to keep off the fog, we shall look at some tips to help you keep your shower mirrors clean and fog free at all times.

fogless shower mirror reviews
  • Fogless-Luxury
  • Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 7
  • Mounting: locking suction
  • Other: razor holder, flexible arm
top rated fogless shower mirrors
  • JiBen
  • Dimensions: 6.8 x 3 x 7
  • Mounting: suction cup
  • Other: swivel arm design, razor holder
best fogless shower mirror
  • ToiletTree TTP-01
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 2.6 x 9
  • Mounting: removable silicone adhesive
  • Other: built in squeegee, shelf
best magnifying fog free shower mirror
  • Mirrorvana
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.3
  • Mounting: suction mechanism
  • Other: has fog resistant coating, shatter-proof
good shaving mirror for shower
  • ProBeautify
  • Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 1
  • Mounting: suction twist lock
  • Other: shatterproof, adjustable swivel, razor hook
fogless shower mirror
  • ReflectXL
  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 5.6 x 0.2
  • Mounting: adhesive hook and adjustable rope
  • Other: shatterproof

Top 6 Fogless Shower Mirrors Reviewed

Toilet Tree Products TTP-01 Fogless Shower Mirror

best fogless shower mirrorToilet Tree products TTP-01 shower mirror is one of the best rated fogless mirrors on the market today. Made of high quality acrylic, the mirror cannot shatter in the case of an accidental knock or fall. If you love your mirror hanging on the wall, the Toilet Tree product features removable silicone adhesives to enable easy installation. However, you can also use the shower as a bathroom mirror by placing it on a countertop. Additionally, the mirror features several helpful accessories rare to find.

  • Durable. Besides the fact that the TTP-01 product is made from quality acrylic and cannot shutter, it is also resistant to rust. Add that to the fact that the fogless mirror will slide accordingly where you need it installed and not rust or damage other bathroom surfaces.
  • Features a built in shelf. This shelf helps you store items like a squeegee, your shaving razor, sponge or tweezers.
  • Easy to Install. Removing the silicone adhesives is effortless, and the fogless mirror conveniently slides through different surfaces to give you comfort while you use it.
  • Efficient. The TTP-01 is completely fogless. The mirror uses science to keep the mirror at the same temperatures as the shower. This, in turn, makes it impossible for the mirror to fog. Note that you have to physically add hot water into the shower’s reservoir before use so that it remains fogless.
  • Money back guarantee. Toilet Tree assures you of the mirror’s efficiency, and they offer a money back offer if you are not satisfied by the mirror’s performance.


Fogless Luxury Fog Free Shower Mirror

fogless shower mirror reviewsIf you prefer a fogless mirror that comes pretreated, here is one worth checking out. Fogless Luxury is a 6.5 inch circular shaped mirror that offers a clear view as you shave. No need to add hot water, the mirror stays fog free irrespective of the amount of steam in your house. The small fogless mirror is also designed for easy rotations. In addition, the Upper West brand product is durable and has a shatter less build.

  • Little maintenance. Since the shaving mirror for shower comes pretreated, you don’t have to treat the mirror with fog sprays too many times. A single rinse per shower is enough to eliminate any fog that could prevent you from shaving effortlessly.
  • Flexible. To completely view all the areas you need shaven, the mirror allows you to rotate in any angle. This is a great feature for everyone who has struggled to shave under the guidance of a single bathroom mirror.
  • Shelf. Like most top fogless mirror showers, the Fog Luxury products come with a shelf where you can hold your razor, tweezers or anything else of significance.
  • Bestselling. In part because of its little maintenance and low cost, the Fog Luxury products are among the bestselling mirrors. It should be noted though pretreated fogless mirrors don’t last as long as other fogless mirrors.
  • Easy to install. The 10.1 ounce weighing product is a hassle free installation product. It is shatter-free and slides easily on other surfaces without causing rust in the long run.


JiBen Fogless Shower Mirror

top rated fogless shower mirrorsJiBen is yet another customer favorite fog free shower mirror. With high quality plastic frames that prevent wall rusting or damage, the low budget mirror could survive in your shower for quite a long time. Like fellow top rated mirrors, JiBen is a shatter free product to make it friendly for use even in the presence of kids. In addition, the fogless mirror is easy to install, efficient and asks for little maintenance.

  • Instant use fog free mirror. No need to add water, no need for fog sprays. You simply wipe off the mirror with soapy water and you are good to go.
  • Durable. While JiBen is just a small lightweight mirror, it could last for years. Designed with acrylic shatter free mirror, plastic frames that prevent rust and add durability, there is no reason why the mirror could get damaged with careful use.
  • Sleek Design. If you prefer more than just a mirror in your bathroom, JiBen’s sleek design will lighten up your shower at all times. Besides, the illuminating feature of the mirror complements well on your bathroom tiles.
  • Swivels all round-The illuminated shaving mirror features an arm that rotates 360for easy adjustments. This will help you view your calf properly or any parts of the body you need shaven but can’t be viewed on a single view wall mirror.
  • Money back guarantee. JiBen guarantees that the mirror is completely efficient by placing a money back offer in case you are not satisfied with the product’s performance.


Mirrovana Magnifying Makeup Shower Mirror

best magnifying fog free shower mirrorMirrovana fogless shower mirror was one of the bestselling shower mirrors in 2016, and it is still a customer favorite to date. With 3X magnifying power, this certainly the best magnifying mirror in the $20 and below price range. By design, the mirror is sleek and high quality. It is designed from acrylic and strong quality plastic to give it a long services life. And if turns out you are unpleased by the product’s efficiency, Mirrovana has a money back offer or the assurance to make it right for your product.

  • Pretreated for efficiency. Mirrovana features a fog resistant coating to keep it illuminated with little or no maintenance at all. To eliminate dust or soap, Mirrovana advises that you use a squeegee with soapy water once before or after your shower.
  • Easy to Install. Installing this fog free mirror should be the least of your walls. You can place the mirror anywhere in your bathroom suction it easily on wall tiles, or place in the bedrooms if that’s where you like shaving at. Besides, the mirror is so light and compact that you can even hold it in one hand as you shave with the other.
  • Great value for the cost. For a shower that has all the features top rated fogless mirrors have, the below $20 price tag is a great bargain. And considering its great feature, the cost is another reason to buy the product whether as a gift to a close friend or for your own uses.


ProBeautify M01-615NV Fogless Shaving Mirror for Shower

good shaving mirror for showerProBeautify comes from a famous beauty product and carries along the respect and quality assurance big brands provide. The fog free mirror utilizes science by using hot water to keep its temperatures at bay with those of the shower’s environment. This creates an environment that does not allow fogging on the mirror, leaving you with a clear view of every part you need shaven. To ease installation, the top rated mirror takes a unique design with a suction cup that locks in place on your bathroom tiles. Although the mirror needs some water to maintain temperature balance, it heats up immediately and you don’t have to waste any time when you need to shave.

  • 3600 Rotation. The sleek mirror has a completely flexible mirror to help you look at yourself from whatever angle that makes you feel confident. The flexible arm is also lockable for easy installation in any part of your bathroom.
  • Large clear screen. Since ProBeautify relies on science to keep it clear, you can never find fog on it. Add that to the fact that it measures 5.75” and you could realize why it is the mirror you need.
  • Easy to use and maintain. With one wipe of soapy water on a squeegee, the mirror stands clear and spot free. Again, the mirror does not demand any spraying or additional maintenance.
  • Durable. The ProBeauty product consists of a high quality build made up of shatter free mirror and quality frames to offer a long service life.


ReflectXL Fogless Shower Mirror

fogless shower mirrorReflectXL is a large 7.6X5.6 inches mirror that offers quality magnification and durability. ReflectXL is also one of the sleekest fogless shower mirrors you will find on the market thanks to its unique design and shiny frames. The mirror is also unique for its Para cord rope to help you hang it where you wish. Unfortunately, the mirror lacks a flexible mirror, meaning it hangs just where you place it. Also, the mirror features adhesive mount that adds the convenience of installation.

  • Easy and convenient installation. ReflectXL may lack a rotating arm, but it offers great convenience in terms of ease of installation. From a Para cord rope to a touch backing and adhesives, you can place the mirror on the countertop or hang it on the bathroom tiles easily.
  • Durable. In addition to a mirror that never shatters, reflectXL has a tough back and coating to offer durability without rusting.
  • Large and fog free. ReflectXL can be the best lighted makeup mirror you every owned if you can hang it at the right place. With its magnifying capabilities, the mirror will provide shadow free reflections. In addition, the mirror is large and offers a 5.5” view.
  • Instance use and maintenance. ReflectXL requires a single wipe every day and it will offer clear reflections with no fog. Additionally, reflectXL is a top rated mirror with high ratings from online reviewers.
  • Great as a gift. ReflectXL is one of the cheapest fogless mirrors despite its large mirror. For less than $15, you can buy this mirror as a perfect gift to a friend.


Best Fogless Shower Mirror Comparison Table

Product nameDimensionsMountingOther
Fogless-Luxury7 x 1 x 7locking suctionrazor holder, flexible arm
JiBen6.8 x 3 x 7suction cupswivel arm design, razor holder
ToiletTree TTP-018.5 x 2.6 x 9removable silicone adhesivebuilt in squeegee, shelf
Mirrorvana6.3 x 6.3suction mechanismhas fog resistant coating, shatter-proof
ProBeautify7 x 7 x 1suction twist lockshatterproof, adjustable swivel, razor hook
ReflectXL7.6 x 5.6 x 0.2adhesive hook and adjustable ropeshatterproof

What Is a Fogless Mirror?

what is a fogless shower mirrorTo understand what a fogless mirror is, it important to know what causes fog on your mirrors. Basically, hot water droplets condense when they fall on a cooler surface, forming what is known as fog. Fog can only be formed if you are in an enclosed area, and that there are enough hot water droplets to condense on a surface such as a mirror.

For anyone who loves shaving in the shower, fog can be pretty annoying, since you have to keep wiping the mirror off to view your body parts clearly. A fogless mirror helps you eliminate this problem by utilizing science to prevent fogging on the mirror.

There are two major ways in which a fogless mirror works to prevent fog from forming on the mirror:

  1. Utilizing hot water. As already mentioned, fog is formed when hot water droplets are cooled on a surface such a mirror. But when the temperatures on the mirror are similar to those of the water droplets, fog can’t happen. This science is applied to fogless mirrors with the help of a reservoir, where you add hot water to keep the mirror’s temperatures high.
  2. Treatments. Instead of having a reservoir that adds weight and responsibilities to you, pretreated mirrors allow you to shave in front of a fog free mirror with little demands. These mirrors contain a coating that is resistant to fog or one that completely prevents condensation.


One of the major concerns people have always had with fogless mirrors is that they are not always fog free. What happens if you don’t add hot water to the reservoir? Does the treatment coating last forever? Pretreated fogless mirrors are especially notorious for failing to keep fog free. Only the best rated among them have a high efficiency rate. In most cases, be prepared to replace your mirror after some while. But for a minimum of two years, many fogless mirrors function efficiently, keeping the fog away and offering a clear view of your body parts.

Size and Quality

Fogless mirrors resemble normal mirrors in many ways. To start with, they are designed from shatter-free materials for durability. They have adhesive or a hook for easy installation, and a shelf to help you hold your razor and other items. The quality of the mirror varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Better rated mirrors are better in quality, and they are more likely to provide a completely fog free view than poorly rated mirrors.

How to Choose the Best Fogless Shower Mirror

fogless shower mirror buying guideAs you’ve probably learned, it is difficult to find a shower mirror that never fogs up at some point. Most of them, and especially the cheap models, tend to fog up after some time. But since there are a few quality mirrors that stay fog free when you need to use them, this guide offers the professional advice you will need to find the right fogless shower mirror.


Before you even look at the price, ensure that you are looking for an easy to install fogless mirror. A quality mirror will often feature an installation hook or adhesive to let you slide it on the tiles. Some will also come with a stand for easy installation on the bathroom countertop. While adhesives may not last for long in a hot shower, a quality hook will help your mirror stay in place effectively.


Just like you would do when buying any other type of mirror, consider the size you will be most comfortable with. Fogless mirrors are typically shaped as squares, rectangles or circles. They measure 5X5 inches on average, but the size can get as high as your budget limits you. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy the largest mirror you get. Modern fogless mirrors have rotating arms that can help you view every part of your body with ease. With that in mind, select a medium sized mirror that could offer the flexibility you need.


Simply because it is fog free, it does not mean it is clean free. These mirrors get dusty, dirtied by soapy water or anything else that gets hold of them. Select a fogless mirror that is also easy to clean. The best mirrors ask for only one clean wipe per shower, and they will take care of fog. However, some mirrors are tedious to maintain, especially those that demand special sprays for cleaning.


All the bestselling fogless mirrors have an angled arm. The arm helps you install the mirror at the right angle for you. The best mirrors have an arm that rotates 3600 for an unlimited viewing angle. Not all fogless mirrors have this feature though. When buying your fogless mirror, ensure that you can turn it around and not just hang it at one angle.


While many fogless mirrors come with an option to insert light, one that magnifies the size of your leg hairs and whiskers will help you do a better shaving job. Of course, both magnification and lighting are important, which is why you better pick a mirror with both features. The best fog free mirrors have a magnification power up to five times the size of your whiskers. They are, however, more expensive than normal mirrors. If you are confident with the quality of lighting in your bathroom, you don’t have to look for a mirror with the highest magnification power. But if getting every bit of hair from your legs and other parts is important, choose a mirror with better magnification.


While many modern fogless showers allow you to insert light for clearer views, few of them actually come with lights. You have to pick the right light to help you have the best views of where to shave. Choose LED lighting for the best views and for durability purposes. Select brighter bulbs if you have a dim shower. Also, select bulbs that shine brightly even under heavy moist and steam. You need proper lighting to eliminate shadows and anything else that may hinder you from having a clear view.

Accessory Hooks

A good mirror shower comes with everything you need, including important accessories such as hooks. Hooks help you install the mirror safely. They also help you hook your razor into place. In addition to hooks, check for a shelf where you can place important items as you shower. You will need a place for the tweezers and sponges, and you can’t hook all of them.

Break Resistance

Durability is an important factor to keep in mind as you buy your shower mirror. The best mirrors come with a shatter proof build to make them last as long as possible. Select a mirror made from acrylic, and one with quality plastic or metal frames for durability. This will keep the mirror less prone to breakages.

Bottom Line

While a simple tool, buying the best fogless shower mirror is not an easy task. You have to deal with a myriad of issues to assure you that you are buying the right product. You also have to worry about style and the price, so that you can be certain you are getting value by buying the particular product. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong mirror if you pick any product from our fogless shower mirrors reviews above. Think about your reasons for a shower mirror, the pros and cons of each of the mirrors reviewed above and select the most ideal among them.