Best Freestanding Tubs (Reviews and Guide 2017)

Before committing yourself to any type of bathroom renovation, one critical question is: built-in or freestanding? Let’s think about this properly, many consumers covet freestanding bathtubs, whether you prefer modernistic or antiquated designs. Most freestanding models are designed for complete bathing immersion and can easily be combined with any shower system.

The best freestanding bathtubs are undeniably more pleasant compared to hydro-massage or built-in tubs that entail building features like decks or analogous structures into your bathroom, plus, freestanding tubs shimmer like customised sculptures comprising of a variety of shapes and sizes for superior bathroom spaces. Additionally, freestanding tubs are effortless to use, clean, and to maintain.

As a result, it’s imperative to contemplate your bathroom space and reflect upon which model fits best. These freestanding tub reviews will, therefore, help you acquire all the information you need to make the right choice.

freestanding tub reviews
  • Wyndham Collection Soho
  • Material: acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Max water capacity: 43.5 gal
  • Drain location: center
  • Dimensions: 59.75" x 23.25" x 17.5"
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
top freestanding tubs
  • Empava A1507W
  • Material: acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Max water capacity: 55.5 gal
  • Drain location: center
  • Dimensions: 66.92" x 31.49" x 22.83"
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
best freestanding tub
  • American Standard 2764014M202.011
  • Material: acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Max water capacity: 58 gal
  • Drain location: center
  • Dimensions: 66" x 32" x 23"
  • Warranty: limited lifetime
best rated freestanding tubs
  • Schon Colton
  • Material: acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Max water capacity: 66 gal
  • Drain location: center
  • Dimensions: 63" x 33.46" x 13.78"
  • Warranty: 5-year limited
small freestanding tub
  • Empava A1503W
  • Material: acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Max water capacity: 55.5 gal
  • Drain location: center
  • Dimensions: 70.86" x 35.43" x 22.83"
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
soaking freestanding tub
  • Aquatica PureScape 748M
  • Material: acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Max water capacity: 68 gal
  • Drain location: center
  • Dimensions: 63" x 33.5" x 28.3"
  • Warranty: 25-year limited

Top 6 Freestanding Tubs Reviewed

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Frestanding Tub

best freestanding tubsThese top freestanding tubs feature a sleek and modern design, constructed from reinforced fiberglass high-gloss acrylic. The overall shape comprises of a cavernous deep bathing well with the most innovative Cadet® Suite, a pre-leveled tub underside, a wide ornamental stowage deck, plus a chrome tub filler consisting of luscious hand spray and drain.

This state-of-the-art deep soak drain removes misused space that exceeds a customary overflow cap, which sanctions a greater water height inside the bath, conjointly with an air bath or whirlpool. The overall outcome leads to a deeper, more opulent immersing experience. The deep soak max drain works simultaneously with the deep soak bathtub drain, and together they raise the overall water level to be 3 inches deeper than regular bath drains. So why not pamper yourself to a spa-like experience every time you soak in the bathtub.

Product Summary:

  • Sleek, modern, and reinforced fiberglass high-gloss acrylic
  • Soaking freestanding tub with an ultra-deep cavernous bathing well with innovative Cadet® Suite
  • Extensive accessory stowage deck
  • Complete tub kit – Chrome Freestanding tub filler consisting of extravagant hand spray and drain


Wyndham Collection Soho Freestanding Tub

freestanding tub reviewsThis freestanding soaking tub is a culmination of pure elegance in authentic form. The Wyndham collection is definitely a beautiful accessory to add to any bathroom encompassing organic contours, unadorned lines, and eye-catching symmetry, to exhibit the contemporary design ethos, yet convey emotions of warmth and lavishness. These freestanding tubs are manufactured to last and are eternally warm to caress, allowing you to melt-away all anxiety and tension during bath times, resulting in the feeling of being refreshed, revitalized, and replenished.

This exuberant design comes with an adjustable base for precise leveling and immovability. Bonus additions combine an overhanging edge without a seam and a cable driven pop-up drain and waste overflow system to prevent the overspill of water. Into the bargain, no deck mount is required, and a floor mounted faucet has also been incorporated.

This freestanding tub is constructed from acyclic thus enabling added strength and ease of handling during the installation process, in conjunction with a fine-tuned base to integrate precise leveling and immovability.

Product Summary:

  • A leveled freestanding tub that’s much deeper than standard tubs for maximum immersion
  • Warm to the stroke and more relaxing than old-fashioned enamel/steel tubs
  • Acrylic composition for strength and simplicity of usage and setting up
  • A modified base for precise leveling and rigidity
  • High-quality assured – two-year limited warranty


Empava A1507W Freestanding Tub

top freestanding tubsThis Empava A1507W design is one of the best rated freestanding tubs on the market that delivers a delightful performance considering its price, and also because this brand is constructed from reinforced lightweight acyclic and fiberglass materials. Based on these best freestanding tub reviews, many good opinions have been formed from multitudes of reviewers to prove the trustworthiness of this product.

When both materials combine, the high-gloss finish is highly resistant to stains owing to its innate porous porcelain. Acrylic materials tend to scratch more easily but can easily be repaired; however, the reinforced fiberglass retains superior heat retention and delivers added strength.

These freestanding tubs are exceptionally light-weight providing greater maneuverability and can fit anywhere in the bathroom. The tub itself has predrilled holes to integrate a faucet. The benefits of owning an Empava A1507W freestanding tub are limitless to householders or/builders. The simple fact is the floor wall mounted faucet can easily be installed or the tub can be used without a hand shower, with the added benefit of a drain and overflow system.

Product Summary:

  • The outer dimensions involve 66.92 “length x 31.49″ width x 22.83″ diameter
  • Constructed from 100% high-gloss white acrylic and reinforced fiberglass
  • Incorporated drain and overflow system, plus the exclusion of a tub filler
  • Efficient dimensions: 210l
  • CUPU certified
  • Certified 1 year limited fixtures warranty


Schon Colton Freestanding Bathtub

best rated freestanding tubsThis Schon Colton is a small freestanding tub of 5.25 ft, constructed from a high-quality acrylic and reinforced fiberglass. It’s smaller 63-inch-long dimensions marks this tub as an unadulterated solution for petite bathrooms. Modernistic, yet elegant, its ephemeral lines will undoubtedly be the pivotal point of any bathroom.

This exquisite model comes with a pre-installed drainage and overflow system, which also accepts deck mounted faucets. Other beneficial factors involve the inclusion of leveling legs for an easy stress-free installation process.

Product Summary:

  • First-class acrylic and reinforced fiberglass construction
  • Pre-installed drainage and overflow system built-in
  • Can receive deck mounted faucets
  • Small 63-inch footprint faultless for petite bathrooms
  • Consist of leveling legs
  • Center drain


Empava A1503W Freestanding Tub

small freestanding tubThis Empava A1503W design makes a striking asset to any bathroom with its sleek glossy white acrylic and reinforced fiberglass design, providing complementary lines that harmonize any décor and gives the impression of spaciousness. The amalgamation of such materials gives a durable finish that prevents stains or reduces the cause fading. This model also has a waste and overflow system for a convenient and hassle free installation, with an effective capacity of 210l.

All mounting is included especially for durability and reliability. These fixtures comprise of a double handles operation constructed from brushed nickel materials with a brass sprout hand shower. Into the bargain, this design includes a hand shower to easily rinse down the tub after use, which ultimately outlines a compact modernistic clawfoot tub filler faucet with a shower mounted to the floor.

Product Summary:

  • Outer dimensions: 70.86″ L x 35.43″ W x 22.83″
  • Material: 100% glossy white acrylic
  • Drain and overflow included, tub filler excluded
  • Effective capacity: 210l
  • CUPU certified, 1 year limited parts warranty


Aquatica PureScape 748M-Matte Freestanding Tub

soaking freestanding tubThis relaxed, ergonomic freestanding stone bathtub is perfect for unbeatable relaxation. The solid, matte surface material offers a velvety consistency that’s very pleasurable to the touch and is seamlessly combined with its prominent freestanding structure.

Alongside its compact, space-saving design, this tub is substantially larger and boasts of a first-class interior space analogous to regular large 6.5-feet acrylic bathtubs. This tub is exceptionally deep and there is enough room for a maximum of two people to experience a faultless complete-body immersion.

This Aquatica PureScape 748M-Matte bathtub is easy to wash-down, heavy-duty, and scratch resistant, which is sufficient enough for daily use. This glossy white tub is constructed from EcoMarmor thus permitting unmatched heat retention, its color will not fade, as well as delivering an ultra-modern performance that conforms to environmental standards.

Product Summary:

  • Eye-catching chic modern-day design
  • Solid, all-in-one structure for wellbeing and durability
  • Exceptional depth for full-body immersion
  • Ergonomic design shapes the body’s shape for supreme comfort
  • Fast and easy installation processes


Best Freestanding Tubs Buying Guide

If you wish to replace your old bathtub or renovate your existing bathroom from scratch, you can discover a variety of freestanding bathtubs to meet all your requirements. Buying a freestanding tub involves deep consideration of its size and style, in addition to the material (i.e. cast iron or acrylic) type that tubs are constructed. The majority of users prefer eye-catching, chic, and attractive models that instantly grab your attention when anyone enters your bathroom.

Here, we have synthesized an indispensable guide to help you make important decisions when purchasing the best quality freestanding tubs for your bathroom.

Bathroom Size

Firstly, you need to measure the dimensions of your bathroom around your furniture. The idea is to construct a diagram of your current bathroom to gauge the amount of room needed to install your new freestanding bathtub. You should also guarantee you measure the whole area around the door to ensure the door can open and close easily. You should also confirm that your freestanding tub is arranged in the incorrect place to prevent the door from causing irreparable damage.

Freestanding Tub Size

Rather than make rash decisions, you should recall that the structure must fit inside your house, and through the doorway, so it can be moved upstairs. This may also encompass the act of revolving the tub up the stairway and down the hallways. Therefore, it is imperative that all hallways and stairwells are measured so the tub can accurately be maneuvered upstairs without being damaged.

Tub Depth

Once the dimensions of the house and bathroom have been measured, you should reflect on the purpose of your bathtub. If you enjoy a prolonged and lavish full-body soak, you require a deep bathtub that provides a spa-like feeling. Maybe you could profit from purchasing a jetted tub with a massaging air system, or perhaps it’s more stress-free to install a simple tub just for soaking only.

Tub Length

Another factor to consider is the height of people residing in your household. If your family members are short, you may not require a shorter bathtub; however, longer family members require longer designs. Moreover, if you need an extraordinary tub for larger bathrooms, you may consider purchasing a tub that is equipped for two people to soak in sync.


With any fixture in your home, you must ensure your tub matches your bathrooms’ interior decoration. Freestanding tubs come in a variety of different shapes such as an oval and rectangular freestanding tub. Therefore, it’s possible to select the perfect tub design depending on the style of your bathrooms’ furnishings, and its overall dimensions.

Other preferences are whether you want your tub is to be raised from the ground, or a decorative pedestal or plinth. By elevating your freestanding tub, you can make it the epicenter of your bathroom in conjunction to impressing anyone who enters your room.

Advantages of Free Standing Tubs

There are advantages to selecting a fashionable freestanding tub, so you need to think prudently about the type of tub to install. There are multiple factors to reflect upon like the bathrooms’ size, its final destination, and the design (i.e. extra taps, furnishings, shape, color, and size) being the most important ones.

  1. The vicinity around and beneath the freestanding tub will make your bathroom look extra airy and larger than first perceived. As freestanding tubs are elevated off the floor by their feet and is not encircled by other materials, it will make the bathroom space look larger. Therefore, freestanding tubs are incredibly graceful and maneuverable, making them the center piece in your bathroom. Many homeowners believe that freestanding tubs resemble attractive furniture pieces than regular built-in tubs.
  2. However, it’s not possible to install freestanding tubs into all households especially into small sized bathrooms. Although, some designs can be used intelligently to create the illusion of having a bigger bathroom. In addition, the silhouette of the tub produces charming geometric patterns against both the flooring and tiling, which exaggerates the height and length of the tub. Furthermore, freestanding tubs can be perched on any raised platform or positioned into any unorthodox place in the bathroom.
  3. Most freestanding tubs are made from a wide-array of different materials. You can select between cast iron to acyclic to reinforced fiberglass. Depending on the weight your flooring can withstand, metal tubs can last for decades. Therefore, heavy metals such as cast iron or brass can be money saving in the long run as well as looking impressive by adding a trace of eternal elegance to your bathroom.


  • Devoid of doubt, freestanding tubs are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are considered to be the centerpiece to any bathroom, when compared to any regular fitted tub
  • Freestanding tubs require lots of space, so if your bathroom is small, a large tub may infringe on the other demands of your bathroom. Therefore, freestanding tubs are only suitable for larger floor spaces.
  • If you’re re-plumbing your bathroom, it is easier to connect a freestanding tub. However, if you plan to keep your existing plumbing, it is highly unlikely that a freestanding tub can be installed unless one was there beforehand.
  • Freestanding bathtubs are trouble-free to clean as they are reachable from all areas but they can be difficult to clean underneath because of the short feet.

Bottom Line

The choice of the best freestanding tubs is personal. If you have enough room and like their style, you’ll be willing to ignore any disadvantages and select the most stylish alternative.

The best advice is to ensure your tub fits the dimensions of your bathroom so it can be used. A good-sized bathroom works incredibly well with any freestanding tubs to produce the best value.

If you decide to renovate your pre-existing bathroom, the cost can get higher by changing your plumbing fixtures. Recognizing this, it is imperative you undergo further research to select the best tub for your household.

For components, your selections are comparably endless. Materials consist of enamel-coated constituents, reinforced fiberglass, or a variety of atypical thrown metals amalgam from cast iron or copper. Additionally, tubs can be made from timber and stone, or blends of properties to resemble stone.

In summary, the overall message from reading these freestanding tub reviews is people choose options that align with their needs.