Best LED Shower Head (Reviews, Comparison and Guide)

If you have kids who are reluctant to take showers, installing a LED shower head that illuminates beautiful colors will certainly make them love taking showers. With multiple lights glowing in the bathroom as water flows out, no one in the house would hate to have a shower. Besides, LED shower heads provide a relaxing experience despite the fact that they hardly affect the flow of your water. Read our LED shower head reviews below to learn about the most respected brands and how to buy the best LED shower head.

Basically, a LED shower head works by dynamo power, meaning it will always illuminate light as long as water flows out of your shower head. You, therefore, don’t need a battery for any of the following shower heads. You also don’t need to call a technician to install the shower head. What you, however, need, is to pay attention to the details in the LED shower heads so that you can identify your ideal shower head easily.

led shower head reviews
  • HotelSpa 1485
  • Face size: 4.25"
  • Settings: 5
  • Colors: 3
  • Powered by: running water
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
top rated led shower heads
  • DreamSpa AquaFan
  • Face size: 12"
  • Settings: 1
  • Colors: 3
  • Powered by: running water
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
best led shower head
  • DreamSpa 1482
  • Face size: 5.25"
  • Settings: 5
  • Colors: 3
  • Powered by: running water
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
best color changing shower head
  • Luminex by PowerSpa
  • Face size: 4"
  • Settings: 7
  • Colors: 7
  • Powered by: running water
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
shower head with led lights
  • Aquafaucet 7813
  • Face size: 10"
  • Settings: 1
  • Colors: 3
  • Powered by: running water
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
illuminated shower head
  • PowerLead SH001
  • Face size: 8"
  • Settings: 1
  • Colors: 3
  • Powered by: running water
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Top 6 LED Shower Heads

DreamSpa 1482 LED Shower Head

best led shower headDreamspa 1482 is one of the world’s best rated LED shower heads. Featuring five different settings under a large chrome face, the shower head offers more than glittering color features. Its multiple setting features include a pulsating massage feature, hydro-mist, water saving pause and an economy rain feature. Some of the shower head’s other helpful features include a high power setting dial that comes with a click to action lever and rub clean jets.

  • The shower head’s 3-color changing functions are wholly powered by the water that flows out of your bathroom. No battery needed: The shower head will always beam colorful lights.
  • Large, beautifully designed shower head. The DreamSpa 1482 model features an extra-large 5.125 inches sized shower head. With the large size, your water always will hit a larger surface area and allow you to enjoy your showers conveniently. Additionally, the shower head comes with five different settings to help you experience your showers under a variety of water concentrations. The pulsating massage feature, for example, helps you have a complete Spa-like showering experience. Economy rain, on the other hand, will allow you to conserve on water usage.
  • Water Temperature Sensor. Features a 3-color water temperature sensor for a touch free experience. When the water gets hot, you will notice because the shower head will glow red. Warm water glows green while the shower head will glow in blue to show you that your water is cool.
  • Installing the shower head is quick even when you don’t have any tools.


HotelSpa 1485 LED Shower Head

led shower head reviewsFrom its design to construction, HoteSpa 1485 represents a top quality shower head. The LED/LCD encrypted display shower head features a medium sized display that nevertheless delivers water at a high pressure and over a large surface area. With its color changing features, the stylish shower head will provide a dream Hotel Spa-like showering experience. Additionally, the HotelSpa model features five different settings to make your showers luxurious. Again, you can use the shower head in the conventional overhead installed manner or use it as a handheld tool.

  • Automatic temperature sensor. In addition to showering under gleaming colors, you can also determine the water temperatures based on these colors. When the temperatures get too hot for example, the HotelSpa model will beam flashing red. When you lower the temperatures to warm, it will glow green. When showering under cool water, your shower head will beam blue.
  • Design and Construction. The LED shower head features a medium sized, stylishly design head. It has a chrome finish and multiple spray nozzle patterns that look absolutely beautiful under the beaming colors. Made from metal, the shower head is also designed to last for many years.
  • Multiple spray settings. The HotelSpa model comes with five different settings that include a pulsating massage setting and a power rains setting.
  • Powered by running water. Like all the best LED shower heads out there, this one will beam in different colors for as long as water flows through your shower head.
  • Installing the shower head is quick and simple.
  • Comes with some amazing accessories such as a stainless steel hose.


DreamSpa Aqua Fan LED Shower Head

top rated led shower headsIf you are thinking of replacing your old shower head with a high-tech model, check out DreamSpa’s Aqua Fan. The shower head comes with LED/LCD color changing features that will make your showers quite relaxing. With multiple colors lighting up your bathroom, even your kids who are reluctant to take showers will fall in love with the shower head. And like other top shower heads, Aqua fan doesn’t request any changes in your bathroom’s fixtures. It will fit any standard ½” shower arm.

  • Numeric Temperature, color-changing sensor. If you would love to shower as you monitor the water temperature, Aqua fan makes it even simpler for you because its colors will change depending on water temperatures. The shower head will maintain a glowing blue color when temperatures are below 980 F and will turn blue to red as the temperatures rise above 950 F and 1090 F respectively.
  • Elegant design. Aquafan features a 12” curved fan shower head for a perfect shoulder to shoulder water delivery. With its chrome finish and different pattern spray nozzles, your shower will forever look amazing. The shower head is made of metal to make it last. According to the manufacturer, it is designed to offer services for over ten years.
  • Multiple spray settings. Aquafan features multiple settings meant to suit the needs of everyone in your family. Add the rub jets, and you get a shower head meant to deliver invigorating showers.


Luminex by PowerSpa Shower Head With LED Lights

best color changing shower headThere are few shower heads with LED lights that can match the quality and tech capabilities of Luminex by PowerSpa. With the ability to deliver 24 different flow patterns, the shower head has the widest list of flow patterns. You can select any of the flow patterns whether when you use the larger shower head or the handheld version. When it comes to beaming hues, Luminex changes colors every few seconds with its seven different color patterns. Three of the color patterns: Blue, green and red and can also be used to determine water temperatures in your shower.

  • Double shower heads with turbo pressure boost. When you buy this shower head, you get an extra handheld shower head for easy rinsing. Both of the shower heads have similar capabilities, nonetheless. They both have the ability to increase water pressures when you engage the air jet turbo feature for example. You can also use both shower heads together or separately.
  • Comes with 7 color patterns. The illuminated shower head comes with 7 different color patterns that need no extra power. They are all powered by running water. Three of these colors: green, blue and red will help you know water temperatures. The green hue represents cold water, blue for warm water and red color for a hot shower.
  • Stylish Design. The Luminex by PowerSpa model features stylish designs for the shower heads. The finish color is chrome, and it is applied all over the shower heads, including the stainless steel hose that makes it easy to use the handheld shower head. While some parts are made out of plastic and rubber, they are designed to last for long. Some of the parts, like elastic rub-clean nozzles, are also designed to prevent clogging.
  • Comes with convenient features. Besides its multiple settings, the shower head also features an angle adjustment and an anti-swivel lock nut.


AquaFaucet 7813 Color Changing Shower Head

shower head with led lightsIf you love big shower heads that can deliver shoulder-shoulder water coverage, check out the AquaFaucet 7813 shower head. Voted as one of the best color changing shower heads in numerous occasions, the shower head offers a range of convenient features at a fair price. In its 10” square shaped design and with glowing colors, the AquaFaucet model will certainly change the aesthetics in your bathroom. Besides the colors, the Aquafaucet’s design and other features represent a convenient, modern shower head.

  • Design and Construction. With an extra-large 10-inch design, the shower head is an ideal rainfall model that will deliver high stream water for invigorating showers. The large design and a bronze chrome finish also add aesthetics to your bathroom. Technically, the shower head is made from a combination of copper and ceramic to make it durable.
  • Spray patterns. The shower head has 196 spray nozzles which all help you to have different types of showers under this shower head. You can, for example, set the shower head to deliver water through all the spray nozzles for a rainfall shower experience.
  • Changes color depending on water temperatures. The shower head’s three main colors: blue, purple and red can help you know when the water temperature is changing from cold, warm to hot temperatures.


PowerLead SH001 LED Shower Head

illuminated shower headPowerLead SH001 is yet another rainfall shower head that lights up to exude luxury in your bathroom every time you have a shower. It measures 8 inches in length and lays overhead to ensure water covers a wide area inside your bathroom. Even when you are not having a shower, the PowerLead will make your bathroom look elegant with its chrome finish and stylishly designed parts. Additionally, the shower head features convenience parts and functions that are rare to find among other shower heads in its price range.

  • Design and build quality. PowerLead’s SH001 shower head is purely made from ABS for durability reasons. The chrome finish improves aesthetics. Its large 8*8 inches in size, on the other hand, helps you enjoy intensifying showers fully because it can deliver water over a large surface area.
  • Multiple spray setting. The shower head is designed to offer whatever showering needs you have. With a low flow setting, for example, the PowerLead model will be ideal for you if you love saving on water usage. The large size, by contrast, means that you can also enjoy high pressure concentrated streams of water when you need a relaxing shower.
  • Color changing spray patterns. Besides adding beauty to your bathroom, the color changing functions help you monitor your shower’s water temperatures. And as some reviews note, the brightness in the shower head’s color is so powerful that you may not need to add other lighting fixtures in your bathroom.


Best LED Shower Head Comparison Chart

Product nameFace sizeSettingsColorsPowered byWarranty
HotelSpa 14854.25"53running water1 year limited
DreamSpa AquaFan12"13running water1 year limited
DreamSpa 14825.25"53running water1 year limited
Luminex by PowerSpa4"77running water1 year limited
Aquafaucet 781310"13running water1 year limited
PowerLead SH0018"13running water1 year limited

What is a LED Shower Head?

what is a led shower headA LED shower head is a new type of shower head that that emits light diodes inside your bathroom as you shower. Powered by a dynamo mechanism that runs solely on the water flowing through your shower fixtures, this shower head is meant to add some color to your bathroom.

A LED shower head isn’t necessarily more expensive than typical shower heads. By contrast, most of these showers heads cost similar or even lower than other shower heads that lack the color-changing features. They also don’t have different designs because ideally the LED mechanism is brought about by a function that can be added separately. At often times, the shower head will display green, blue or red colors in short spans of time. Sometimes, these colors will change as water temperatures in your shower rise. This is meant to help you monitor a change in water temperatures without risking getting burnt by hot water. Some shower heads, on the other hand, combine different colors to emit a rainbow like showering experience.

Since the shower head with lights does not use your home’s power, it can serve you for over a decade without you paying anything in maintenance or services. Finding a good quality LED shower head is not difficult, but it demands the time and effort you give to all other items you wish to buy.

How Do LED Shower Heads Work?

how led shower heads workAlmost every LED shower head works with nothing more than the water flowing through your shower fixtures. The water flow should be stable to drive a turbine or generator that produces enough electricity to supply to the shower heads. The electricity supplied is then converted into light diodes that are emitted through the same spray nozzles that deliver water. Depending on the manufacturer, the LED shower head is programmed to emit different colors at the same time or one color at a time. Shower heads that display their colors one at a time in small spans of time often also feature a temperature sensor. The automatic water temperature sensor is then programmed to display a particular hue when temperatures hit a certain level.

In most cases, the blue color is displayed when water is at normal or cold temperatures (35 Celsius). When the water is warm, the shower head will usually turn green, pink or even purple depending on how it is programmed. However, red is used as the dominant color for displaying hot water temperatures.

In some cases, lime builds up inside your shower head may cause the LED lighting to fail. When this happens, you can clean your shower head using vinegar and warm water to eliminate the lime scale.

Advantages of Using LED Shower Heads

advantages of using a led shower headToday’s bathrooms are rife with superior metal fixtures, elegant designs, and features that add convenience in every manner. Still, there is always some room to improve the fixtures or even customize them to offer you dream showers. When you add a quality LED shower, for example, you will more than likely add class and functionality to your shower head. You also benefit from the following:

They Look Good

Seeing your bathroom glow as water flows from the shower head will excite you. When you have kids in the house, the lights alone will be enough reasons to make them take showers every once in a while. According to LED fixture designers, this technology represents what is best in shower head engineering. That is the reason why so many people are replacing their old shower heads with the new LED models. In addition, there are plenty of LED shower heads to choose from, allowing you to pick one that will look great in your bathroom.

Fun for Kids

Besides being fun for you, kids will love the lights. Colorful things are always loved by kids, especially if they also provide a chance to have fun or play. With the shower head beaming your kids’ favorite colors, none of them will ever shy away from having a shower. Additionally, the lights can offer some sense of security to kids when they are showering on their own. This is because they can monitor changing water temperatures by simply looking at the colors and avoid touching the water when it becomes too hot.

Luxurious Look

Your kitchen and bathroom are some of the best selling points for your home. When the bathroom exudes luxury with its quality fixtures, for example, your home’s value improves. And even when you have no plans to sell your home, the looks of it when the LED fixtures emit light as your shower is priceless.

Visually Show the Temperature

A LED shower head lets you adjust the water temperatures without paying keen attention to the numeric. Instead, you simply observe the colors emitted by the shower head to understand how to adjust the temperatures for your convenience. In a typical LED shower head that supports automatic water sensing, the red shows that your water is hot and blue represent cold water. Warm water, on the other hand, can be represented by any other color the manufacturer chooses.

Add a bit of Romance

A little of beaming colors will certainly add romance to your showers. The changing lights also brighten your mood to make you feel better every time you get out of your shower.

What to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best LED Shower Head

led shower head buying guideIt is amazing what today’s bathrooms have become. In a place meant to help you do an act of hygiene, you can find dozens of fixtures that simply add nothing more than beauty and functionality. But that is how it is! If you want to enjoy spa-like showers under beautiful colors you have to spend on the best LED shower heads. However, it is a trick to know which shower head will provide great value for your money. If you want an eco-friendly LED shower head system that can serve you for over a decade, read below to learn what you should keep in mind as head for shopping.

How is it Powered?

While many LED shower heads are hydro powered by a dynamo installed inside them, some still require battery backup. A few very expensive LED shower heads use electricity for power and they are more expensive to maintain as well. Ideally, you will want a shower head that is powered by nothing more than the water flowing through your bathroom fixtures. A quality dynamo powered LED shower head should beam light even when the water pressures are low.

Color Changing Patterns

For many people, the main reason for buying a LED shower head is to enjoy their beaming lights as you shower. Usually, the more colorful and wide in number these colors are, the better for you. Take time to learn how the color patterns in your ideal shower head work. Do they, for example, beam all at the same time? Do they automatically change from time to time? Select a shower head that beams our favorite colors where possible.

Standard Shower Head Features

You know there is more to a shower head than just the beautiful colors, right? Beautiful colors are nothing if they don’t help you enjoy your showers. If you can’t control your shower to help you rinse effectively, you won’t feel better after your shower. Consider checking for the following shower head features before settling for any particular model:

Design and Build

  1. Whether it is your first shower head or a replacement, buy good quality. Take time to evaluate how you love your showers and what you think would make a beautiful bathroom. If you enjoy rainfall, like showers, buy a large shower head that can cover a wide surface in your bathroom.
  2. When it comes to build, choose metal over plastic. ABS, copper, and brass are common, quality materials used to design a shower head that can last.


  1. The modern shower head is one that combines a myriad of functionalities. Look out for shower head settings that will help you enjoy invigorating rainfall showers, rinse or conserve on the water with its multiple settings.
  2. Look out for external settings like and angle adjustment or a lock to nut to ensure the shower head hangs in a position effectively.
  3. Water temperature sensor. Not all LED shower heads change color when water temperatures change. Only those with a water temperature sensor can help you enjoy this feature.


  • The presence of accessories like an additional handheld shower head should make you re-evaluate your decision on what model to buy. A long hose to enable rinsing is also a great accessory that comes with the best shower heads.

Bottom Line

Technology is taking showering and bathrooms as a whole to a better place. With plenty of superior fixtures being released every year, you can no longer consider your bathroom as a simple room where you take your showers. Today’s bathroom deserves that you add some bit of technology for them to enjoy quality showers. That you move with technology by having the best LED shower head in your bathroom should be your motto. And since they are not expensive, look back at our LED shower head reviews anytime for the best models to buy.