Best Rain Shower Head Reviews and Buying Guide 2017

Tired of shower heads that sprinkle water annoyingly slow? Invest in the best rain shower head. With a rainfall shower head, you get an intensifying rain-like shower experience every day of your life. Choose your style carefully, and you could land a modern all-adjustable shower head that offers you better shower controls and convenience. In our rain shower head review below, we explore six of the best rated models in the market.

All of the six shower heads are bestselling in leading online stores. However, they are also different in style, design and a functions-paving way for you to explore different capabilities of a shower head and choose the one that suits you the most. Keep in mind that the best models provide strong water flows without affecting the temperature of your water. All of the shower heads deliver water at no more than 2.5 gallons per minute.

rain shower head reviews
  • AKDY AZ-6021
  • Spray settings: 1
  • Water flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Diameter: 8"
  • Material: plastic
  • Other: 100 rubber nozzles, adjustable angle
top rated rain shower heads
  • Moen S6320ORB
  • Spray settings: 2
  • Water flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Diameter: 8"
  • Material: metal
  • Other: immersion self-pressurizing technology, adjustable water flow
best rain shower head
  • H2oVibe
  • Spray settings: 1
  • Water flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Diameter: 8"
  • Material: plastic
  • Other: includes Bluetooth speaker with operating range up to 33 feet, 11.5 hours play time
best large rain shower head
  • Hansgrohe 27474821
  • Spray settings: 1
  • Water flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Diameter: 10"
  • Material: metal
  • Other: 180 no-clog spray channels
good waterfall rain shower head
  • SR SUN RISE Luxury
  • Spray settings: 1
  • Water flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Diameter: 12"
  • Material: 304 stailess steel
  • Other: 10 layer chrome plated finish, air energy technology
rain shower head and handheld combo
  • DreamSpa 1432
  • Spray settings: 7
  • Water flow: 2.5 GPM
  • Diameter: 7" and 4"
  • Material: plastic
  • Other: 3 way diverter, 5' flexible hose, angle adjustable overhead bracket, pause feature

Top 6 Rain Shower Heads Reviewed

H2OVibe Rain Shower Head

best rain shower headIf you love singing, especially in the morning, there is nothing that should stop you from taking your audio system to your shower. Fortunately, H20Vibe does half of that job by installing a Bluetooth speaker on its rain style shower head. If you think that H20Vibe’s whole audio system is a marketing gimmick, look carefully at the showering system. The shower head is large and elegant, graced well-patterned spray nozzles meant to project water consistently all over your body.


The shower head measures 8 inches in diameter and when placed in the right angle, it overlooks your whole bathroom like an elegant chandelier light. Its spray nozzles are arranged in a pattern not only for aesthetic reasons but also to deliver the rain-like water in an invigorating and beautiful manner. The low budget tool is designed out of metal for a long service life. Overall, the H20Vibe is slim, elegant and designed to look futuristic.


The H20Vibe has a delivery pressure of 80 Psi. Coupled with the standard water flow rate, the rain shower head delivers water with a massage-like experience. Since its head is large, water flows all over your body consistently. Its speaker also performs incredibly well. It is mounted inside the waterproof shower head and connected to your mobile device up to 33 feet away from your shower. What’s more is that the shower head has a noise canceling technology to make the audio system wholly worth it.

Quick Installation

The H20Vibe shower head weighs 1.1 pounds only and it is easy to install.


AKDY AZ-6021 Rain Shower Head

rain shower head reviewsThe AKDY AZ-6021 is a large square rain shower head that is both visually striking and great in performance. It is inexpensive, and top rated enough to make it a bestseller in several leading online retail stores. While it lacks any significant attachments, the shower head’s popularity comes from its combination of great style design with great performance.


The most striking quality of this model lies in its large square head. At 8 inches in length, the shower head is certainly one of the biggest in the market. According to many reviews, the large sized head also comes with several unique advantages. To start with, the shower head has numerous spray nozzles that will deliver water in a wide area in your bathroom. If you love singing in the shower, you will certainly love that feature. If you enjoy feeling the warm flow of pressurized water falling all over your body; you will also benefit from the big shower head.


The shower head features a clear plastic surround. However, all other parts are brushed with chrome finish, to make them look compact and ready to serve for years. The shower head’s long hose is also strong in quality being made out of strong plastic.


While the AKDY is a budget product, its performance is impressive. It generates water at high pressures of around 80 PSI. It has great heat retention also, despite having a slightly less pressurized waterfall. However, the AKDY has some adjustment features to increase or lower its water delivery pressure rate. Finally, the shower head delivers water at the standard 2.5 GPM rate.


The AKDY comes with an installation manual to help ease your work. It also features a one-year warranty.


Moen S63200RB Rainfall Shower Head

top rated rain shower headsUnlike many shower heads that feature adjustable settings that make no difference in performance; the Moen S63200RB delivers what you want in a shower. Its water coverage is expansive and falls in an intensified real rainfall experience. Its adjustable settings, on the other hand, help you switch between the concentrated spray with low concentration modes efficiently well. And while it performs impressively, the ceiling mounted shower head also adds aesthetics to your bathroom.


The Moen S63200RB takes a contemporary circular shower head design. It is available in four different colors, allowing you to pick one that will have the most impact on the looks of your bathroom. It has a large diameter nonetheless, extending 8 inches wide to provide wide coverage showers.


If you can afford its slightly over $300 price tag, online reviews note that you will forever enjoy your showers. With its large shower head, the model sprays water at a high pressure consistently well and without having an effect on the water temperatures. Its self-pressurizing technology is also delightful and will increase spray power to offer an effective rinse experience.


The overhead rain shower head features a manual to help you install it with little or no troubles.


Hansgrohe 27474821 Raindance Large Rain Shower Head

best large rain shower headQuite frankly, it is hard to find a rain shower head system better than the Hansgrohe Raindance model. Combining a generous 10-inch diameter with air power technology, the bathroom centerpiece is designed to make your showers intensifying and enjoyable in a way no other shower head can provide. The Hansgrohe model is metal designed on the other hand and could serve you for over a decade when well maintained.


The Hansgrohe Raindance model takes a large 10-inch circular shower head design. It features a stylish chrome finish, and a spray nozzle pattern ready to spray water over a large surface in your bathroom. The Hansgrohe model also features a quick clean technology in the soft silicon nozzles. Simply designed, these nozzles allow for easy reach of clogs and dirt that may block the smooth flow of water in your shower head.


The shower head delivers water at the standard 2.5 GPM but it is how it delivers the water that makes it stand out from others. With its air power technology, for example, the shower head forces water at seemingly larger volumes than average shower heads. This improves your shower experience since you’ll bathe feeling like you have more water coming your way.

Quick Installation

The brass made Hansgrohe model is a DIY installation tool. However, make sure to install it in a strong shower arm since it is relatively stronger than other shower heads.


SR SUN RISE Luxury Waterfall Rain Shower Head

good waterfall rain shower headThe SR SUN RISE Luxury is one of the best rainfall shower heads in the market today. It is one of the biggest, yet also one of the most beautifully designed shower heads. In measurements, the tool is 12 inches long. It features slightly large hexagonal shaped spray nozzles and delivers water at impressively high pressures to make your showers enjoyable.


Despite costing way cheaper than other top rain shower heads; the SR luxury model is beautifully designed to last for many years. It features a stainless steel finish that lies underneath a ten layer chrome plated construction. The chrome construction also offers corrosion resistance. Its overall body is extremely thin to offer great water pressures while conserving on the same. On the other hand, the waterfall rain shower head counts on its silicone gel nozzles to prevent the build-up of lime scale or dirt that may lead to poor performance.


The SR Luxury model delivers water at the standard 2.5 GPM. However, its thin high pressure spray nozzles deliver water at impressively high pressures to offers an enjoyable rain-bathing like experience. The invigorating shower experience is also enhanced by the tool’s air energy technology to maintain the great experience even under low water pressures. You can also adjust the shower head with its rotating connector for added convenience.

Quick Installation

Installing the SR luxury is as easy as unscrewing the old shower head and screwing this model onto the shower arm.


DreamSpa 1432 Rain Shower Head and Handheld Combo

rain shower head and handheld comboIf you would love to own a rain shower head and handheld combo, yet you are on a low budget, this DreamSpa 1432 3 way shower head may be your ideal tool. It comes at an extremely friendly $30 price tag. It features a 7-inch rainfall shower head and a 4 inch chrome face high power hand shower. The Dreamspa takes a contemporary circular chrome finish but features multiple settings to make it more convenient.


The DreamSpa 1432 adjustable rain shower head takes the ever decent chrome finish. Its spray nozzles are thin but add appeal to the already elegant looking bathroom tool. The larger of the two shower heads measures 7 inches in diameter while the smaller hand version measures 4 inches. However, the impressive features in this model are a lot more. The top shower head, for example, features a long and flexible hose. It features a brass foundation for durability and a patented 3-way diverter. Additional accessories with the shower head include an anti-swivel lock and an angle-adjustable overhead bracket.


The DreamSpa 1432 shower head promises to offer luxurious showers. And with its 7 different settings and two combo shower heads, it does deliver its promise. With the power rain setting, for example, you get to enjoy intensifying rain-like showers. When you feel like having a rain massage, however, you adjust the settings accordingly. Other settings include the water saving pause feature, a hydro-mist experience, and an Eco rain experience.


Installing this shower head is quick and effortless since it comes with all the accessories you will need for this process.


Best Rain Shower Head Comparison Table

Product nameSettingsWater flowMaterialDiameterOther
AKDY AZ-602112.5 GPMplastic8"100 rubber nozzles, adjustable angle
Moen S6320ORB22.5 GPMmetal8"immersion self-pressurizing technology, adjustable water flow
H2oVibe12.5 GPMplastic8"includes Bluetooth speaker with operating range up to 33 feet, 11.5 hours play time
Hansgrohe 2747482112.5 GPMmetal10"180 no-clog spray channels
SR SUN RISE Luxury12.5 GPM304 stailess steel12"10 layer chrome plated finish, air energy technology
DreamSpa 143272.5 GPMplastic7" and 4"3 way diverter, 5' flexible hose, angle adjustable overhead bracket, pause feature

What is a Rain Shower Head?

what is a rain shower headA rain shower head spreads water over a large surface area in large volumes. Usually, they are bigger in size compared to normal shower heads. They can be installed directly overhead or on the wall of normal shower walls.

Size and Weight

The most common shower heads are circular or square shaped. On average, the shower head will have a diameter of between 7 and 12 inches; which is why they are more common among people with large bathrooms. In most cases, the best high pressure rain shower heads will be installed horizontally on your shower’s ceilings. This helps them deliver water in a gentler, spa-like manner.

Water Pressure

While rain shower heads are designed to offer a gentle rain-like experience; they can also deliver water at high pressures. Today’s top rated rain shower heads have the ability to deliver water at adjustable pressure settings. This makes it easier for you to choose when you need to have the rain-like shower and when to have an invigorating concentrated stream showers.


Rain shower heads are relatively more expensive compared to typical shower heads. However, there are plenty of options-some which are in the same price range as normal showers.

Advantages of Rainfall Shower Heads

advantages of a rainfall shower headRain shower heads are in sharp demand these days, but are they worth the costs? What makes someone spend over $300 on a rainfall shower head when they could get a cheap water conserving shower head? Dive in and learn the benefits of showering under a modern, adjustable rainfall shower head.

  • Greater Coverage

    The most obvious benefit of rainfall shower heads is that they cover a wider area. The average rainfall shower head measures 7 inches in diameter. Some of the bigger models measure up to 12 inches in diameter, giving you all the space you need to shower comfortably. If you love to spend time in the shower, dancing and singing, therefore, this will definitely be your ideal shower head. Their wide coverage is also a great benefit to people with large bathrooms. You can now use your space in the bathroom to the maximum at your convenience.

  • Efficiency

    Rainfall shower heads are some of the most efficient shower heads you can get. With a modern, adjustable shower head especially, you will have your dream showers at home. Some of the shower heads, for example, allow you to switch between concentrated streams and gentle streams for rinsing. Some allow you to shower against mist-like streams of water, all while delivering water at impressive pressures. However, pay keen to buy top rated models if you want to have a more efficient rainfall shower head.

  • Variety

    True, rain shower heads can be expensive, but they can also get cheap. They come in a wide variety depending on function, size, and accessories. Again, modern rain shower heads now feature adjustable features to help you get the experience given by the many types of shower heads in the market. You can buy a rain shower head, therefore, and get the water saving features given by low flow shower heads, for example.

    However, the wide variety of rainfall shower heads come because of the size, price, design, and functions. In terms of size, the shower heads can be small or big with the bigger models measuring 10 inches in diameter or more. When it comes to design, shower heads can feature circular heads, some come in a combo design while others are simply simplistic.

  • Décor

    Today’s shower heads are available in different designs to suit your bathroom’s décor. The wall mounted rain shower head, for instance, will have a better impact in some interior decors compared to others. Chrome finish will look good on contemporary interior décor for example, while stainless steel will appear elegant in almost any kind of décor.

Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Rain Shower Head

rain shower head buying guideToday’s shower heads are way different than what used to be sold years ago. They offer more than drenching rainfall showers. Some offer up to five different types of shower experiences, all meant to make your showers enjoyable every time you need them. However, there are several factors you need to keep in mind if you are to land the best rainfall system.


Shower heads are meant to spray water over a large surface area. That’s how you enjoy their rainfall like experience. When buying your ideal model, therefore, choose larger shower heads. Select any of the 7-inch plus shower heads depending on your budget. The larger shower heads definitely deliver water in a wider area. However, also pay attention to the spray nozzle pattern and sizes. Pay attention to other technologies that may better the rainfall flow of water.


A lot goes in to make a good quality rain shower head. Pay attention to the construction materials to ensure that the shower head can last for years. Look at the general feel of the shower head and buy only that which looks great in quality. Take time and read large rain shower reviews to know what people out there are buying. Reading reviews also helps you learn the truth about the tool’s functions, so that you are not coerced to buy a particular model based on the manufacturer’s word alone.

Available Settings

Some shower heads have more settings than others, but that does not mean you should dismiss them. According to popular online reviews, most rainfall shower heads have adjustable settings that make little or no differences in the shower’s experience. That means you need to pay more attention to the settings you actually want in an ideal shower head. Visit online reviews and learn what others customers think about the settings and whether they function properly as advertised. In general, these settings are those that help you adjust the shower head’s stream flow to offer a spa-like experience, rinsing or offer the normal high concentration stream showers. If you have a bigger budget to work with, settle for a shower head with more of these settings.

Types (Wall or Ceiling Mounted)

What kind of shower head are you looking for? Do you want a wall mounted shower head or a ceiling mounted? Most rainfall shower heads are ceiling mounted. They are designed that way since their primary role is to deliver water in a rain-like manner. However, you probably can’t afford to buy a ceiling mounted shower head when your bathroom’s settings are fitted for a wall mounted shower head. Decide the type of shower head you want, research about it to know whether it can deliver its services appropriately, and then buy it. Keep in mind that you can find great rainfall shower heads for both the wall mounted and ceiling mounted options.

Style and Finish

If you want your bathroom to look stylish, find a shower head that matches all other fittings. If you love stainless steel fittings, look for a similarly styled shower head. However, sometimes you can be bold and pick a shower head finish that will contrast the color of your interior designing. Pick the shower head that adds most impact to the style of your bathroom.


As earlier mentioned, rainfall shower heads can be pricey. The most stylish and elegant shower heads are definitely pricey. You don’t have to buy them, however. Instead, research and buy a shower head only if you can afford it.

How to Install a Rainfall Shower Head

how to install a rain shower headTypically, the shower arm that a shower head is attached to measures 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Make sure that your shower head is compatible with these attachments if you don’t plan to change your fixtures. Ceiling shower heads are particularly trickier to install because they will often ask for large piping. You probably haven’t’ prepared your bathroom for a ceiling mounted shower head, in which case you will want the help of technicians. However, installing a normal rainfall shower head to an already existing shower arm is easy. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Make sure that you have all the necessary pieces needed to install your shower head successfully.
  2. Remove the old shower head. In most cases, you will easily uninstall the old shower head by unscrewing it.
  3. Screw in the new shower head. Use a plumber’s tape and sealant to hold any pipes you will use accordingly. If your shower head can attach to the shower arm perfectly well, go ahead and install it without using any sealants or attachment pipes.
  4. Make the connection tight. Avoid pliers if you want to tighten your shower head without scratching its beautiful finish. Screw it into place using your bare hands instead.

Botton Line

With the wide variety in the market, there is nothing that can stop you from finding the best rain shower head to install in your bathroom. All you need to is to focus on the features and styles you need, the design and settings that will help improve your experience using the shower head. And as noted in our rain shower head review above, you can get that ideal shower head with the exact budget you have. If you can avoid being too rigid on the brand to pick especially, you will certainly find a beautiful and efficient rainfall shower head.