Best Shower Stall Reviews (What Are the Best in 2017?)

A shower stall encloses your bathing space such that water does not splash to other areas of your bathroom. A shower stall is a great idea if you are limited on a budget but can afford a customized shower stall for you or your family. Unfortunately, shower stalls are not created equal. To find the best shower stall that won’t cost you much in plumbing and other additional costs takes some time. Read on the following shower stall reviews to preview the bestselling shower stalls on the market.

As you read on, one of the most important factors you need to keep in mind is that the space you have influences to a great extent the type of shower stall you end up buying. There are several types of shower stalls to fit the different bathroom needs you may have. Read keenly to find the right shower stall that will fit your bathroom space and serve your family needs accordingly.

shower stall reviews
  • DreamLine SHEN-2134340-04
  • Dimensions: 34.13" x 34.13" x 72"
  • Door walk-in: 22.44"
  • Construction: Tempered Glass, stainless steel pibot bars, Aluminum wall profiles
  • Certification: ANSI
  • Other: 2 17" stationary panels, anti-lime scale glass coating, brushed nickel hardware
top rated shower stalls
  • DreamLine DL-6703-01FR
  • Dimensions: 36.38" x 36.38" W x 72"
  • Door walk-in: 20.38"
  • Construction: Tempered Glass, Aluminum
  • Certification: ANSI, cUPC
  • Other: 2 15.44 panels, magnetic door strip, scratch/stain resistant acrylic, slip-resistant texture
best shower stall
  • DreamLine SHEN-8134340-89
  • Dimensions: 34" x 34.5" x 72"
  • Door walk-in: 20.75"
  • Construction: Tempered Glass, Aluminum
  • Certification: ANSI
  • Other: 2 sliding panels + 2 stationary panels, magnetic door latch, satin black finish
best shower enclosure
  • DreamLine DL-6153-01FR
  • Dimensions: 34.38" x 34.38" x 72"
  • Door walk-in: 20.38"
  • Construction: Tempered Glass, Aluminum
  • Certification: ANSI, cUPC
  • Other: 2 13.44" panels, chrome finish, magnetic door strip, scratch/stain resistant acrylic, Q-Wall Backwall
good shower cubicle
  • DreamLine SHEN-24460340-01
  • Dimensions: 34.38" x 46" x 72"
  • Door walk-in: 23"
  • Construction: Tempered Glass, Aluminum
  • Certification: ANSI
  • Other: 22" panel, chrome finish, right/left door opening
good shower cabin
  • DreamLine SHEN-8134340-01
  • Dimensions: 34.5" x 34.5" x 72"
  • Door walk-in: 20.38"
  • Construction: Tempered Glass, Aluminum
  • Certification: ANSI
  • Other: 2 16.75" panels, chrome finish, magnetic door strip

Top 6 Shower Stalls Reviewed

DreamLine French Corner Shower Stall

best shower stallAs the name reads, DreamLine French corner shower stall is designed for installation at a corner in your bathroom. This helps maximize your bathroom space, while also creating a bathroom focal point. With its bold satin black window pane design and finish, the French Corner adds style to your bathroom in a way not many shower stalls can. For strength and durability, the stall has tempered glass 5/32 inch thick, and an extra coating. For access, the French corner uses sliding doors run with the help of every smooth rolling ball bearing.


  • Dimensions-The top rated shower stall measures 34.5 inches by 34 inches by 72 inches in height. Its glass panels measure 16-3/4 inches each, although the dimensions can be reduced by a ½ inch to suit your specific needs. The stall also features an extra walk in door that measures 20-3/4 inches in width.
  • Clear glass with satin black window panes. DreamLine French corner is designed to create a European bathroom feel with its clear glass design. Quality is guaranteed, however, as the tempered glass measure 4mm thick and has panels that hold it for extra strength.
  • Watertight. DreamLine is one of the bestselling shower stalls out there, and it has its watertight features to credit. The stall is designed with a magnetic door latch that keeps it completely watertight.
  • Professional Installation. Although the unit is designed with quality in mind, its heavy weight may demand professional installation.
  • Comes with a limited one year warranty.


DreamLine Prism Shower Stall

shower stall reviewsThe DreamLine prism is a frameless neo angle shower stall that could look perfect in any bathroom. For someone looking for a stall with no panels to block your view, the DreamLine Prism is a great stall to buy. Despite the lack of panels, the Prism is a quality engineered stall. It features tempered glass 3/8 in. (10mm) thick and strengthened by a few vertical panels. The shower stall is designed to maximize your bathroom space while also creating an irresistible focal point. Based on its 40 by 40 inch width size, DreamLine prism is relatively big enough to accommodate two people. In height the stall measures 72 inches, which can also be adjusted slightly to fit your bathroom needs perfectly.


  • Frameless Glass Design. The prism features a thick, clear frameless glass to provide you with a maximum view of your bathroom. The tempered glass measures 10mm thick for durability and has a superior coating to repel stains.
  • Self closing Hinges. Since it’s frameless by design, the Prism features glass to glass self closing hinges to enhance easy access. It also features L-shaped support brackets that provide structural support without obstructing your view.
  • Sliding doors. Similar to other top rated shower stalls that are frameless, the Prism features reversible sliding doors. The sliding action is enabled by a ball bearing system that helps slid the door on either side. It also features a walk in opening that measures 22-3/16 inches.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Adjustable. To ensure the stall fits in your exact space, the Prism allows a customization of ¼ inch per side.


DreamLine Prime Shower Cabin

top rated shower stallsDreamLine Prime is a corner shower cabin best suited for someone who wants to maximize their bathroom space. But with its frameless neo angle design, DreamLine prime will add more than space. It looks elegant, having a tempered clear glass that provides a clear view of your bathroom. The tempered glass measure 6mm thick and an extra coating to keep it protected from lime. In spite of not having panels, the good shower stall has several features that will ensure it lasts for a long time.


  • Quality Engineered. With its 6mm thick tempered glass, DreamLine Prime is made with quality in mind. It may not be the thickest glass, but its 6mm thickness plus reinforced acrylic glass design is durable enough to last a decade. Additionally, the stall features a magnetic door latch to keep it watertight.
  • Attractive design. The Prime’s frameless neo angle design with a touch of chrome finish looks elegant. The good shower cabin could become your bathroom’s focal point, especially if your shower tools also add style.
  • Dimensions and access. The shower’s base measure 38 inches by 38 inches but could be adjusted 1 inch on either side to meet your needs. Like most DreamLine shower stalls, Prime measure 72 inches in height. For easy access, Prime features one walk in door and 2 sliding doors that measure 15-7/16 inches each. Prime is also a low profile threshold stall for easy access.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


DreamLine DL-6153-01FR Shower Cubicle

best shower enclosureThe DL-6253-01FR is yet another bestselling neo angle shaped frameless shower stall from DreamLine. Made from 6mm tempered glass and reinforced with fiberglass, the unit is a strong and durable cabin that could serve you for many years. The DreamLine product also displays elegance with its chrome finish. For extra durability, the good shower cubicle features an acrylic finish that is stain resisting.


  • Attractive design. The Neo angle design, combined with the stall’s frameless nature creates a bold and beautiful appeal that could rhyme with any bathroom décor. With its chrome finish and white color, the DreamLine product will add elegance and provide you with a watertight bathing space.
  • Dimensions and access. The DreamLine stall measure 36” by 36” 76 inches, but can be adjusted 1 inch on either side thanks to the Anodized aluminum wall profile. For easy access, the stall has a walk in door that measure 20-3/8 inches and two sliding panels that measure 13-7/16 inches each.
  • Quality Engineered. Similar to all the best shower stalls out there, this DreamLine product had quality in mind when it was designed. Its glass is tempered and 6mm thick and feature an acrylic touch to make it stain resistant. To ensure the sliding doors never fail, the frameless glass is lifted on a ball bearing system.
  • Watertight. The stall has connections meant to keep it watertight. Additionally, the stall has a unique, textured tile pattern for safety when you shower.
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


DreamLine Unidoor Plus Shower Stall

good shower cubicleDreamLine’s Unidoor Plus shower stall is designed for today’s contemporary life. With its large sliding doors, a spacious cabin and clear glass, the unidoor introduces elegance that very few shower cabins could provide. Similar to other bestselling shower stalls, the Unidoor plus is made from tempered 6mm thick glass for durability. Thanks to the thick, reinforced glass, the product does not need panels for support. This, in turn, enhances your view if you choose clear glass. If you want a large shower stall to be your bathroom’s focal point, the watertight enclosure is probably what you are after.

  • Frameless, attractive design. The unidoor plus, in its large frameless design and a chrome finish, introduces elegance to your bathroom. With the addition of swing doors, brass hinges and handles, the cubicle looks stylish for any large bathroom. Additionally, the stall lacks panels, which in turn provide you with a clear view of your bathroom.
  • Strength and Durability. The DreamLine unidoor plus model features a thick 10mm tempered glass reinforced with acrylic to keep it durable for the longest time possible. With proper care, the heavy glass could last for decades.
  • Watertight. The heavy duty glass made shower stall features connections that make it absolutely watertight. Additionally, the stall’s glass features a coating that provides water resistance for efficient drainage.
  • Dimensions-The DreamLine’s unidoor is rectangular shaped, measuring 34.4 inches x 46 x 72 inches for a spacious showering experience. However, the U-channel in the stall allows for ½ inch adjustments to help meet your bathroom needs.
  • Comes with a shower base and a limited one year warranty.


DreamLine Cornerview Shower Stall

good shower cabinDreamLine Cornerview is a combination of a frameless enclosure with a solid base that provides a watertight showering enclosure. If you have limited bathroom space, you can maximize your space with this corner shower stall. It’s a bit small for two people but large enough for you alone to enjoy morning showers while having a perfect view of your bathroom. The corner shower stall also features most of the features top rated shower stalls have, except for the fact that its glass is a bit shallow at 4mm thick. Still, the reinforcement of acrylic should provide great durability.


  • Perfect design for small bathroom spaces. The shower cabin’s design is meant to glide smoothly into a corner and leave much of your bathroom space intact. However, that is not to say the stall is small. If anything, the DreamLine product measure 36 x 36 x 76-3/4 inches, providing a spacious cabin.
  • Quality Engineered. The shower stall offers a narrower tempered glass design in exchange for an irresistible price tag. However, the stall’s quality is further enhanced by a layer of reinforced glass and a water resisting coating. Additionally, the stall comes with metal frames that keep it strong and likely to serve you for decades.
  • Watertight. When properly installed, the stall’s full length magnetic strip ensure that its stays watertight.
  • Safe textured flooring. In addition to a water resisting glass, the unit comes with a textured floor to provide safety for you and your loved ones. However, the unit requires a minimum of 1 inch flooring threshold to keep it watertight and safe.


How to Choose the Best Shower Stall

A quality shower stall starts with a base that allows easy access and a watertight structure. For a high end shower stall, you will also get seats, spa shower heads, and sliding doors. Unfortunately, you can get confused by the many luxury features in a unit and end up buying one that won’t serve your bathroom needs. Read below for a summary of the features that really matter and the factors that should help you settle for the right shower stall.


All of the shower stalls we reviewed above are made from thick tempered glass. But not every other stall is made from the same material. Ensure that the first feature you look in a potential shower cabin is its material of construction. Choose between reinforced glass and tempered glass. Most modern shower stalls have tempered glass reinforced with fiberglass to strengthen the product and make it absolutely durable. In addition to buying from the strong glass, consider the thickness of the glass. A quality shower stalls glass measures between 4 and 10 mm in thickness. For the narrower sized glass stalls, they will often have frames or panels for extra durability.


People buy shower stalls for different reasons. One of the reasons is to maximize on space. Corner shower stalls are the best choices when you have limited bathroom space. A circular shaped stall can also maximize the space. If you have enough space, on the other hand, a large rectangular stall or a neo angled stall will add style and luxury to in your bathroom. Since there is more to design than simply the shape and size, you can shop around to find the perfect match for your bathroom.


Manufacturers recommend that you ask for professional help when installing this enclosure. However, you can install the stall provided it is not too complex to install. Simply look for a stall designed with several panels and one that provides instruction on how to assemble each part of the unit. A unit that comes in several pieces is easier to manage and install with the help of a friend.

Cost and warranty

Shower stalls sometime seem to have almost similar features, but the prices could vary a lot. The huge difference in costs among shower stalls come in the thickness and type of materials used, the presence of frames and overall dimensions. Measure up your bathroom space, therefore. Consider the thickness in the glass you can afford, the style and important features in the unit before you pay for it.

Shower Enclosure Installation

shower stall installationTo install a shower enclosure demands that you possess several carpentry skills and have a habit of following instructions. You may also ask a friend for help, noting that some of the items in the unit are quite heavy. If you are not good at handling fragile glass, don’t install the shower stall. With that in mind, our guide describes the steps you need to follow to successfully install the shower stall.

  1. Step 1: Prepare the installation Location

    Decide the location you want to install your cabin. Drill the drainage hole if there is not one. Additionally, decide if you should tear out the tiles and replace them with the textured tiles that come with some shower enclosures. If your stall comes with a basement, note that it will often have a drainage hole. Attach a PVC pipe and secure it with PVC cement to connect it to the drainage system that lets water out of your shower.

  2. Step 2: Install the base and wall panels

    Once you have the drainage system secured, embed the shower base on a 1 inch thick layer of drywall. Once that is done, ask a friend to help you attach the walls on the marks you must have earlier made. If you had not bored holes, mark out where you want each wall installed by first positioning the walls. Attach the walls alongside the holes and use nails to secure the first wall into place. Attach the second and latter walls while leveling them up to fit your marks.

  3. Step 3: Secure the hinges and Frames

    If your shower stall has panels and frames on the top ends, secure them properly. For vertical frames, secure them when installing the glass panels and doors. Secure the flanges and paint drywall over them. Attach your shower head and test the unit for water tightness.

Bottom Line

While it may look like an easy process, finding the best shower stall can be difficult. Make the process worth it by following the tips on our shower stall reviews above. Take time to decide the type of stall you need, take measurements twice and ensure to ask for professional help where you need it. Fortunately, quality modern shower stalls don’t ask for demanding maintenance. They often have water and lime resisting panels after all. Nonetheless, take care of your unit by regularly cleaning it and clearing the drainage system when it gets clogged.