Best Steam Shower Reviews (Ultimate Guide 2017)

Gone are the days when you would drive to a health spa to experience an indulging steam shower after a busy week. Today you can recreate the whole steam shower experience in your bathroom. And with one push of a button, you get to immerse yourself into a cloud of soothing, scented steam. Besides the relaxation, the best steam shower also offers health benefits. Read our steam shower reviews below to learn how these bathroom installments work to improve your skin appearance and general shower experience.

The modern steam shower offers multiple functionalities to suit every shower experience you would need at different times of the day. To summon the steam, however, you simply push a button on the digital controls. After your twenty minutes of relaxation under the steam, you then push another button for rinsing. It is that simple. Continue reading to learn how the following best rated steam showers operate.

top rated steam showers
  • Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W
  • Dimensions: 59" x 32" x 87.4"
  • Plumbing and drain location: center
  • Steam generator: 6KW
  • Body massage jets: 20
  • Cleaning function: yes
  • Overheat protection: no
  • Control: computer panel with timer
  • Ventilation fan: yes
  • Other: dual rainfall ceiling, handheld showerhead, acupuncture massage, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, 2 stools, FM radio
best home steam shower enclosure
  • ARIEL 300A
  • Dimensions: 48" x 36" x 85"
  • Plumbing and drain location: center
  • Steam generator: 3KW
  • Body massage jets: 6
  • Cleaning function: no
  • Overheat protection: yes
  • Control: computer panel with timer
  • Ventilation fan: yes
  • Other: overhead rainfall and handheld showerhead, acupressure massage, ceiling light, seat, shelf
best steam shower system
  • Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L
  • Dimensions: 47" x 35.4" x 89"
  • Plumbing and drain location: left
  • Steam generator: 6KW
  • Body massage jets: 6
  • Cleaning function: yes
  • Overheat protection: yes
  • Control: computer panel with timer
  • Ventilation fan: yes
  • Other: acupuncture massage, aromatherapy, chromatherapy, rainfall and handheld shower heads, stool, FM radio
2 person steam shower for home
  • Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L
  • Dimensions: 59" x 35.4" x 89.2"
  • Plumbing and drain location: left
  • Steam generator: 6KW
  • Body massage jets: 6
  • Cleaning function: yes
  • Overheat protection: yes
  • Control: computer panel with timer
  • Ventilation fan: yes
  • Other: acupuncture massage, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, 2 stools, rainfall ceiling and handheld showerhead, FM radio
residential steam room
  • Ariel Platinum DZ938F3
  • Dimensions: 59" x 59" x 89"
  • Plumbing and drain location: center
  • Steam generator: 3KW
  • Body massage jets: 20
  • Cleaning function: yes
  • Overheat protection: yes
  • Control: computer panel with timer
  • Ventilation fan: yes
  • Other: acupuncture massage, chromatherapy, rainfall ceiling and handheld showerhead, FM radio, 2 seats
steam shower reviews
  • Bath Masters 8004-A
  • Dimensions: 36" x 36" x 16-1/2" x Enclosure Height - 82-3/4"
  • Plumbing and drain location: corner
  • Steam generator: not included
  • Body massage jets: 6
  • Cleaning function: no
  • Overheat protection: no
  • Control: computer panel
  • Ventilation fan: yes
  • Other: overhead and handheld shower, FM radio, Loudspeaker and microphone, LED lighting, foot massage, fog-free mirror

Top 6 Steam Shower Enclosures Reviewed

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower Enclosure

best steam shower systemIf steam showers are measured by their steam build up time, then this Ariel Platinum model is one of the best steam showers you can find. Fully loaded with a built-in steam generator and an FM radio for therapeutic purposes the shower head is designed to help you experience luxurious steam showers. The unit also features 6 acupressure massage jets, a rainfall shower head for invigorating showers and a handheld shower head for your spa-like shower experience. The steam shower’s price tag is a little bit high at $3200 but online reviews note that the unit is worth the costs.

  • 6 kW Steam Generator. Ariel Platinum’s steam shower head comes with a powerful 6 kW generator that helps achieve a steam build up time of only two minutes. That means that you get ready to emerge into the tranquility of steam showering as soon as you tune the FM radio to your favorite station. The unit also features an overheat protection to ensure you never get any steam accidents in your bathroom.
  • Multiple Shower Heads. Featuring both a rainfall shower head and a handheld shower head, you don’t have to buy an extra unit for morning showers. Ariel Platinum is designed to offer you the versatility you need when you live among other family members. The presence of massage jets also adds onto this versatility meant to make your showers luxurious.
  • Comes with special Chroma therapy lighting and an aromatherapy system.
  • Features helpful accessories for installation work although you must involve a professional to do the installation work.


Bath Masters 8004-A Steam Shower Enclosure

steam shower reviewsBath Masters 8004-A is a fairly priced steam unit for a home steam shower. Coming at slightly over $1,000, the unit offers multiple systems that will turn your bathroom into a home spa. With a steam shower graced with therapeutic functionalities like Blue fluorescent lighting, loud speakers, and ceiling lamps, you can never afford to miss a shower. Bath Masters also features most of the functionalities you find in typical shower systems to help everyone in your family experience enjoyable showers any time of the day.

  • Digital Controls. The shower steam features an ultra modern computer controlled touch panel. The panel allows you to control almost any function of the unit, from initiating the steam features to controlling the massage jets.
  • Comes with a rainfall shower head and other shower faces. If for any reasons you are not feeling like immersing yourself into a shower bath, you can switch on the rainfall shower head for an intensifying shower. If you need a relaxed shower, the sliding handle shower will help you with that.
  • Therapeutic systems. Bath Master assures you that you can have your steam shower in the most therapeutic way, thanks to its loudspeakers to help you connect to your radio, ceiling lamps, and a blue fluorescent lighting.
  • Multiple accessories. The unit features helpful accessories like fog free mirrors, chrome plated handles, and a ventilation fan. It also enables a foot massage with the help of the multifunctional sliding handle shower.


Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower Enclosure

top rated steam showersAriel Platinum’s DZ972 is the perfect steam shower enclosure for you if you dream of showering in a state of the art like atmosphere. Hardly can you find such a shower steam even in health spas, and not only because of its design but because of the experience you are bound to have to shower under the unit. Built to achieve a 1-minute steam build up time, the steam shower ensures that you waste no time indulging into a tranquil steam showering environment. The sleek designed shower steam also features many of the functionalities that come with other shower systems.

  • 6kW Steam Generator. Ariel Platinum uses a 6 kW steam generator like all of its cousins, but it delivers steam in the least amount of time. With a steam build up time of under one minute, you get to save both time and energy bills.
  • Built in control panel. Ariel Platinum’s steam shower features a modern digital control panel that is easy to use. You simply touch at a feature, and you get to increase steam, initiate rinse or use a rainfall shower head.
  • Small Footprint. The steam shower measures 10*10*10 inches to fit in the footprint of a normal bathtub. You will need a technician to install the unit for you though because it is as complex as other top steam showers.
  • Rainfall shower head and massage jets. The Ariel Platinum model features a couple of shower heads meant to supplement the shower steam. The rainfall shower head is particularly helpful as it is designed to deliver a stream of high pressure water whenever you need it.


ARIEL 300A Home Steam Shower System

best home steam shower enclosureAriel 300A is one of the best steam showers in the market today. Its bathtub sized footprint and elegant interior design make it one of the most stylish steam showers you can find. The unit also features both stylish and therapeutic functionalities. Despite being a one person shower steam, it features a large rainfall shower head to help you achieve whole body showers when you don’t feel like having steam showers. If you need a relaxing massage like shower experience, the unit’s 6 jets will help you with it.

  • Sleek Contemporary design. ARIEL 300A shares the stylish contemporary design all other Ariel steam showers have. Chrome finish on handles and trims, luxurious blue tinted glass and a fluorescent bulb to enhance a therapeutic experience all make the steam shower unique.
  • 3Kw steam generator. Perhaps because of its average price tag, the Ariel model uses a 3 kW steam generator. However, the generator is as efficient in generating steam as a 6Kw is. The only drawback you may experience is that the steam build up time will be longer than 2 minutes.
  • Built-in digital control panel. Like other great steam showers, Ariel 300’s control unit is a built in the digital panel. It is easy to use and efficient for all the functionalities you need.
  • Comes with a rainfall shower head and massage jets to supplement the steam shower. The rainfall shower head is a particularly helpful feature as you know because at times you only need a high stream shower to feel relaxed after a busy day.
  • Safe. The Ariel steam shower comes with an overheat protection so that you can enjoy rejuvenating steam shower experience without worrying about rising steam temperatures.


Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L 2 Person Steam Shower

2 person steam shower for homeIf you consider black styled bathrooms stylish, you might as well consider upgrading to Ariel Platinum DZ96. Sleek and elegant in the chrome and black colors, the steam showers is a place anyone would dream to have their shower at. Designed to be a 2 person steam shower, the unit could be installed in the same footprint as a normal bathtub. With a 6 kW steam generator and a computer controlled panel, the steam shower gives you every reason to invest in it.

  • 6 kW steam sauna generator. The steam shower unit uses the ultimate steam shower generator in the industry: A 6 kW generator that can achieve a steam build up time of less than one and a half minute. The highly reliable generator also ensures that steam remains at your ideal temperatures unless you indulge the control panel.
  • Computer control panels. Ariel Platinum’s control panels are always easy to use. With the addition of a timer, the DZ961F8’s computer panel is even more convenient to use. You can control almost all shower settings in the panel with ease.
  • Multiple Supplementary shower functions. The steam shower has a fully functional rainfall shower and a handheld shower head for relaxing showers. It also comes with six acupressure body jets to enhance rinsing once you have your steam shower.
  • Comes with a cleaning function to prevent disinfection. It also features an overheat protection feature.


Ariel Platinum DZ938F3 Residential Steam Room

residential steam roomIf you are looking for a sleek residential steam room to replace your shower head, consider this Ariel Platinum model. Fully loaded with a steam enclosure, a rainfall shower head, and massage jets, the Ariel Platinum model is designed to offer you the luxury of a health spa. It comes with an FM radio and special lighting to help you create a therapeutic experience. The Ariel Platinum steam room is also one of the most durable designs you can find. It is created from a durable Acrylic tempered glass that is 8 mm thick.

  • 3 kW steam generator. With a 3000 watt steam generator, you can soothe your body every morning or evening in the least time possible. The powerful generator is also fast at inducing steam, as it has a steam build up time of 2 minutes.
  • Digital Control panel. At the right temperatures, you can set your steam room to deliver relaxing steam for your joints and muscles. And since you can control all of the unit’s settings at one place; there is no reason you shouldn’t have therapeutic showers at your home. You can also add essential oils and tune in an FM radio to enhance this therapeutic experience.
  • Massage jets and handheld shower. The steam room comes with 20 adjustable massage jets. You can different jets at different joints and muscle directions to better your shower experience. The handheld shower also helps improve your showers, particularly when you need to have a relaxing shower.
  • Durable. Besides looking elegant, the unit comes with a solid brass built to serve you for long.


Best Steam Shower Comparison Table

Product nameDimensionsSteam generatorBody massage jetsCleaning function
Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W59" x 32" x 87.4"6KW20yes
ARIEL 300A48" x 36" x 85"3KW6no
Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L47" x 35.4" x 89"6KW6yes
Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L59" x 35.4" x 89.2"6KW6yes
Ariel Platinum DZ938F359" x 59" x 89"3KW20yes
Bath Masters 8004-A36" x 36" x 16-1/2" x Enclosure Height - 82-3/4"not included6no

What Is a Steam Shower?

what is a steam showerA steam shower is a bathroom unit designed to recreate a steam sauna experience at your home. It features a digital panel where you initiate steam building by the touch of a button. Technically, a steam shower is a complicated system, with an electrical connection that heats up water to turn it into steam.

When you engage the control buttons, an electrical valve is triggered to generate steam inside the breadbox steam generator. Most systems generate about one gallon of water into the steam generator that then heats it up to reach a boiling point. Once hot water is turned into steam it is directed to the steam shower system, albeit at a safe temperature that does not exceed 118 degrees F. Since the unit barely consumes 2 gallons of water, steam showers are very water conserving

Size and Build

Steam showers are designed to fit a maximum of 3 people at a go. Ideally, they fill the footprint of a normal bathtub so that you have a lot of space to use as you wish. On the exteriors, most steam units take tainted glass design and metal bars for extra durability. On the interiors, the units often feature a stool(s), a digital control panel and shower heads to supplement your steam shower experiences.

Guide to Choosing the Best Steam Shower Enclosure

Many home owners today prefer to experience steam therapy in their bathrooms as opposed to paying for it in health spas. And while steam units are much more expensive compared to normal shower heads, they are totally worth it. Certainly, you also wouldn’t want to spend more than $1,500 on a unit that under-delivers. The ideal steam room is one that provides value in both performance and durability. Below, in the buying guide, we explore some of the features that will help you identify a quality steam shower for your home.

Shape Configuration

Steam shower manufacturers never disappoint when it comes designing their models. From small, bathroom size units to whirlpools that can take much of the space in your bathroom, you have a wide variety to choose from. In the next few minutes, we explore the different shapes modern steam showers take to give you an idea of what you can expect to have in your bathroom.

  • steam shower buying guideCorner Unit. A majority of steam room owners prefer a corner shaped unit. Probably because they are easier to install in typical bathrooms, but corner units also provide great convenience. If you wish to buy a corner unit, ensure that it provides enough space for you or for two people. A bigger 2 person steam room will cost more as you would expect. It also demands more space, which is why you should do some space configuration before deciding on the shape to settle for.
  • Elongated Cabin. Almost similar to a corner steam unit, an elongated cabin has one side longer than the other. One end of the unit is usually curved to help with easy movements around your bathroom. The unit is still installed at one corner, but they will create more space because only one side of the wall consumes space. If you choose to settle for an elongated cabin, choose between a right and left wall unit as you will deem fit.
  • Rectangle Steam Shower. There isn’t much difference between an elongated cabin and a rectangle steam shower. Major differences only come in size and the shape of their doors. With a rectangle unit, for instance, all corners are straight and the door lies in the center of one wall of the unit. Rectangle shower systems are also larger, often meant for 2 persons.
  • Whirlpool steam showers. As their name suggests, whirlpool steam showers resemble a whirlpool tub, because they ideally provide both a shower steam and bathtub. Some will also resemble a rectangle unit, but they are only whirlpool if they can provide a bathtub. The units are also expensive as you would expect, despite the fact that they require you to step up high to use them.


Depending on the size of your bathroom and why you need a steam shower, you will want to configure shape issues before investing in a unit. On the lower end, steam showers measure 3*7 inches or 900mm*900mm. As for height, the units will typically take the standard 7-foot height for average bathroom.

If you are looking for a larger steam shower, you have a variety of finding up to 15*15*15 inches units. However, you must keep in mind that the size of your bathroom plays a role in the size of unit you purchase. If you own a 17*17 inch bathroom, for example, you will be forced to have a 14*14 inch unit. This is because you will need some space for proper assembling for easy access to the plumbing lines.

Base Design

Would you enjoy a curved base or a sleek straight design? Curved, glamorous base designs often make your bathroom look stylish. However, there are plenty of base designs in modern steam showers, and you only have to choose one that will look stylish in your bathroom. Note that some manufacturers invest too much on the designs and forget about other areas. Don’t get too carried away by the looks of your ideal steam shower.

Power of the Steam Generator

steam generator for showerSteam showers are powered by a generator with a 3Kw-9Kw capability. The generator, in turn, is charged by your home’s electrical power. When buying the steam shower, you will most probably be concerned about the steam generator. Settle for one that can deliver a fast steam build up time of less than two minutes. You don’t want to get into the unit only to wait for five minutes for steam to build up. Most quality generators come with a 6Kw steam generator. It can deliver steam at a faster time and will generate enough steam for 2 person rooms.

Shower Cabin Height

You will probably not need a steam shower higher than 8 feet. Luckily, most steam showers also come at that height. Whirlpools can be bigger and taller though because they are designed in a way that you must climb a stair up to get inside them.


You have the choice to pick the type of seat you deem fit in your steam shower. If you want comfort, a sloped built-in seat will often provide better comfort. However, your unit’s size may also limit you on the size and number of seats you can have inside the unit. A fold up seat will be ideal if you are not picky and you want to save on space while using normal rainfall shower heads. If you have space, a bench shaped seat place opposite the steam head will provide you the ideal spot to indulge into steam showering completely.


Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a steam shower. Look for a unit that asks for nonporous materials when it comes to flooring. It is better off at providing both safety and the great sauna experience you need in a steam shower. Tile, porcelain, and acrylic are all suitable materials because they dissipate heat easily while providing some safety from slipping. Keep in mind that the unit will dissipate heat faster when its wall and your flooring is made from glass block, marble, granite or even shale.


Before you buy any steam shower, read carefully for installation requirements. Some unit demand that you buy extra accessories that may end taking much space in your bathroom. The size and shape of your ideal steam shower can also affect the installation work, which is why you should buy a unit smaller than your bathroom.


Nowadays, steam showers come with digital controls. There is no reason you should settle for a different unit. If the control is built inside the unit, you have more advantage. If you must install the controls separately, ensure that you place them at a comfortable location inside the steam shower. Besides installation, ensure that the controls are helpful in setting different functionalities of the unit. You should be able to initiate steam generation, initiate rinse mode or even switch on the rainfall shower head at the push of a button.


Pick a unit that is compatible with your electrical lines, water lines, and drain lines. The goal should be to pick one that is easiest to install without investing in many extra accessories.

Price and Warranty

Steam showers cost in between $1000 and $4,000. Compare the prices versus the services they offer and you could find a quality steam shower within your budget.

Steam Shower Benefits

steam shower benefitsBathrooms are as much about improving your health as they are about helping you clean your body. You can get clean with a morning shower every day, but you need a steam shower to relax your muscles and joints. Here are a few other benefits you get from a steam shower that only a health spa could offer.

  • Skin Protection

    Steam open up your skin pores and allows for healthy perspiration. If you take a steam shower every day, this will improve your skin’s appearance over the long run. It will also reduce blemishes that come from a lack of proper skin perspiration. Taking a steam shower before shaving also keeps it at the right condition for shaving. This is turn helps reduce razor burns.

  • Relaxation

    A good shower could relax you, but not as well as a twenty minute steam shower will. Steam has a relaxing experience that allows your muscles and most joints in your body to relax. When you customize your steam room for a home to have special lighting and radio for therapy, you will forever enjoy tranquility and relaxation in your bathroom. There is also a reason why athletes love to steam shower, and that is because it helps them to relax faster than a normal shower would. However, better relaxation comes in when you combine a steam shower with a cold shower. According to research, steam also helps improve sleeping habits by causing a fatiguing effect.

  • Improves General Body System

    If you suffer from blood pressure, a good steam shower a day can improve your condition. According to doctors, the moist heat of steam helps widen blood vessels in your body. This allows them to circulate blood around your body in a more relaxed and healthier way. Good blood circulation is helpful in countless ways. To start with, you benefit from more oxygen distributed in different organs of your body. Steam is also helpful with clearing sinus congestion, meaning that people who experience difficulty breathing can benefit from a steam shower.

  • Versatility

    When you invest in a quality steam shower, you can benefit from a myriad of experiences that can be controlled in a single digital control. From having your steam controlled at specific temperatures to a rainfall shower, you have plenty of choices to turn to. Most of the units also feature massage jets and handheld showers to provide the versatility you need.

Steam Shower Installation

A properly installed steam shower will deliver a dose of relaxation every time you get in there. However, installing the unit asks for a certified professional. You too can do the installation if you have some experience installing such complex units. With that in mind, continue reading to get the basics of steam shower installation.

steam shower installationWatertight Enclosure

A steam shower can never deliver the rejuvenating experience it is meant to if not properly installed. The unit must, therefore, be enclosed and insulated properly to ensure that steam never leaks once you shut the steam room’s door. When installing the unit, ensure that the door is kept watertight and the drain system does not leak water along the way. If you wish, you can allow for air get in. After all, you will need ventilation as you take the shower.

Consider Spacing and Room Installation Requirements

If you are going to replace your shower head with a steam shower, you better have the right measurements in mind. You need a steam shower where you can fit properly, and one that has a powerful enough steam generator. The average shower system height is 8 ft. high and 10 inches in length. If you need the system for one person you can settle for a 3*7 inch unit. It will be easier to install in a smaller bathroom as well.

Something else to keep in mind is that different steam systems ask for different room requirements. Some steam showers, for instance, demand that you install tiles on the walls of your bathroom. Most of them, however, work well when you have nonporous materials in your bathroom.

Installing the Steam Generator

You can install the steam generator anywhere in or out of your steam shower. Some people tend to install the generator along the bottom line of the bathroom walls. You then connect it to your water lines and surround it with rough plumbing for protection. These are not strict rules though. You can install the generator in the manner you see fit, provided that it functions properly. Also, ensure that the generator is not connected in a matt6er that could make the water lines freeze.

Installing Control Panels

If your steam room does not feature a built-in control panel, you will want it installed where you get the most convenience. Preferably, install the controls away from direct steam but at a convenient location.

Bottom Line

Although most people consider the more expensive steam showers as better in both quality and durability, reality shows otherwise. You don’t need the heaviest wallet to land the best steam shower in your home. You can find a quality steam shower by going through at bestselling and top rated models. In our steam shower reviews above, you will find best-selling models, with features and functionalities that could suit what you need in your bathroom.