Best Touchless Bathroom Faucet Reviews (Your Guide 2017)

Do you constantly worry about getting exposed to disease causing germs? You are not alone. No one ever wants to get sick, which is why we regularly clean the floors, countertops and any other places that could expose the family to germs. Fortunately, today’s manufacturers are also hyperactive to produce tools that reduce exposure to germs and bacteria. For your bathroom and kitchen, you can now invest in the best touchless bathroom faucets and use water only when you need it. Read on for our touchless bathroom reviews below and find out why you probably need one for your bathroom.

With a quality touchless bathroom faucet, you not only improve your hygiene, but you also economize on water usage. Think about it. The faucet only delivers water when you place your hands directly under its spout. Once you are through washing your hands, it automatically stops delivering water.

touchless bathroom faucet reviews
  • FREUER Magia
  • Flow rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Sensor powered by: 4-AA batteries or 110v outlet
  • Mount: 4" centerset
  • Material: brass
  • Other: multi-layer finishing process, 1/2" FIP / IPS male thread fitting
top touchless bathroom faucets
  • Geospring G-818102-FBA
  • Flow rate: 2 GPM
  • Sensor powered by: 4-AA batteries
  • Mount: centerset
  • Material: brass
  • Other: lifetime breakage warranty, 4.7" spout height
best touchless bathroom faucet
  • American Standard 6055.205.002
  • Flow rate: 0.5 GPM
  • Sensor powered by: DC battery or AC
  • Mount: 4" centerset
  • Material: brass
  • Other: 10 year battery life, lead free, in-line strainer, 20-125 PSI
best rated touchless bathroom faucets
  • YMX0106 Faucet
  • Flow rate: 2 GPM
  • Sensor powered by: 4-AA batteries
  • Mount: centerset
  • Material: brass
  • Other: temperature control handle
Yodel Automatic Touchless bathroom faucet
  • Yodel YDTF-1
  • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Sensor powered by: DC battery or AC
  • Mount: 4" centerset
  • Material: brass
  • Other: multi-layer finishing process, hot and cold water hoses, 5" spout height
Gangang touch free bathroom faucet
  • Gangang YMX0102
  • Flow rate: 1.5 GPM
  • Sensor powered by: 4-AA batteries or 110v outlet
  • Mount: 4" centerset
  • Material: brass
  • Other: low battery indicator, built-in strainer

Top 6 Touchless Bathroom Faucets

American Standard 6055.205.002 Touchless Bathroom Faucet

best touchless bathroom faucetAmerican Standard promotes their brand as having the best in style and quality. With the 6055.205.002 touchless model, the giant home utility tools manufacturer offers a sleek faucet with flawless accents and a quality foundation. Made out of brass and finished with chrome, the faucet is both corrosion resistant and free of tarnish. The American Standard is also an economical use faucet probably what you need for a bathroom. It delivers water at 0.5 gallons per minute with a pressure rate of between 20 and 125 psi.

  • Durable Build. The top rated touchless faucet features a durable brass body that could last for decades. With the addition of an integral in line strainer, the faucet prevents clogging and corrosion of any kind. Its sensors are also quality built, with water resistance capabilities for a long lasting service life.
  • Performance. If you really don’t want a high flow faucet for the bathroom, the American model will suit you. The unit delivers an average 0.5 gallons per minute with the average pressure rate of 20 to 125 psi. The unit’s optional battery is also one of the best you can find, as it has a battery life of up to 10 years.
  • Sleek Design and Finish. American Standard’s elegance does not end in its quality body. Its design, which is a lever free curved body with smooth accents, will enhance aesthetics in your bathroom.
  • Quick Installation. The American Standard model basically comes as one structure. It asks for a center set makeup and has a guide to help you complete the job effortlessly.


Freuer Magia Collection Touchless Bathroom Faucet

touchless bathroom faucet reviewsFreuer Magia Collection is a complete piece of art. Constructed from a strong solid brass material, the touchless faucet is designed to offer excellent performance and durability. The German made tool takes a curvy design with a low spout and no levers. Instead, the tool features electronically controlled sensors that deliver water on demand. This way, you can never have water wastage at your home. The tool also offers the option to use a battery for power,

  • Easy to Install. The ease of installing a lever free faucet such as the Freuer Magia collection will only take a few minutes if you follow the manufacturer’s guide completely. It uses a center set piece model and works with cold water. If you need hot water for your bathroom you will have to buy a mixing valve that can correctly work with these sensors.
  • Durable. The Freuer Model features a strong, solid brass body that is resistant to corrosion and tarnish. When properly fixed with an in line strainer or water filter, you could have the tool working for decades.
  • Sleek Design. The small faucet has a curved, multi layer design that keeps it looking outstanding. With the chrome finish, the faucet will rhyme with your bathroom’s interior décor.
  • Economical. The nature of Freuer Magia collection allows it to deliver water only when you place your hands under its spout. This will greatly reduce water usage in your home. Again, the tool is also economical with its low water flow rate.


Greenspring G-818102-FBA Touchless Bathroom Faucet

top touchless bathroom faucetsIf a solid, deck mounted, touchless faucet is what you want for your bathroom, consider purchasing Greenspring’s G-818102. With its elegant thick base and a narrow curvy spout, Greenspring’s model looks better than any other touchless faucet at its price range. Additionally, the top faucet has a strong solid brass build and comes at less than $50. With the combination of helpful features and an irresistible price tag, it’s no surprise that GreenSpring’s G-818102 model is one of the top touchless faucets on the market today.

  • Elegant Design and Finish. Greenspring’s touchless faucet has one of the sleekest designs you would love. It features a thick base graced by smooth curves, and a narrow spout slightly curved to deliver plenty of water when you need it. Along with its smooth edges, Greenspring’s faucet looks even more beautiful thanks to its chrome finish.
  • Durable. Once installed, the faucet could last for more than two decades. Its strong solid brass body and particularly thick base will ensure it outlives most other tools in your kitchen.
  • Performance. The bestselling faucet comes with a cold and hot water mixer valve and electronic sensors to serve your bathroom continuously. It delivers water a high flow rate of 2 gallons per minute and has functioning sensors that ensure you never fail to get water when you need it.
  • Easy to install. As strong as it looks, the GreenSpring faucet is easy to install. Featuring the accessories you need, you could fit in your bathroom in less than 20 minutes.
  • Comes with a lifetime breakage warranty.


YMX0106 Touchless Bathroom Faucet

best rated touchless bathroom faucetsYMX0106 may not be the most popular touchless faucets, but it’s one of the best rated on the market. With an average 4.3 star rating on top online retail stores, the small faucet is a symbol of quality when it comes to touchless faucet technology. The tool measures 13.1 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches and weighs a mere 3.5 pounds. Its small size, however, is not an indication of its performance. With electronic sensors and a valve to mix cold with hot water appropriately, the faucet delivers water constantly at the right temperatures.

  • Performance. YMX0106 touchless faucet comes with quality sensors and a ceramic valve that ensures you get hot or cold water in your bathroom when you need it. The bathroom faucet is not a high flow faucet, unfortunately. But this also helps economize on water usage as the faucet only delivers water on demand.
  • Beautiful Design. In its own way, the YMX faucet looks attractive. Its smooth curves with a horizontal spout and a small temperature handle all make it look attractive. The polished nickel finish further enhances its aesthetic appeal, making it easy to rhyme with almost any interior décor you may have.
  • Durable. The small touchless faucet is built from solid brass like most other top rated faucets. Solid brass is strong and could last for decades. With the addition of quality sensors and features such as the ceramic valve, the tool becomes easy to maintain and long lasting as well.


Yodel YDTF-1 Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Yodel Automatic Touchless bathroom faucetYodel YDTF-1 is one of the best rated touchless bathroom faucets on the market, not because it has special features but thanks to its quality performance. With a solid deck mounted design and a wide spout, the faucet performs consistently while maintaining its stylish design. The tool’s solid construction of solid brass could last for several decades, and with little maintenance. Additionally, Yodel’s sensors work in conjunction with a special valve that ensures you get both hot and cold water on demand.

  • Solid Brass. Yodel’s YDTF-1 features a solid brass body to keep it in top quality for a lifetime. In addition, the tool features an impressively crafted design, with a brushed nickel finish that resists stains and tarnish. Overall, the tool measures 12.7 x 5.7 x 9.4 inches.
  • Stylish Design. Yodel features a curved body, with a narrow spout to prevent water splashing even at high pressures. It has a smooth feel with its multilayer finish and smooth curves. Additionally, the faucet features an extended base to offer room to place your soap.
  • Easy to Install. Similar to all other modern touchless faucets, Yodel comes with a manual to help you install it quickly on your own. Besides, the tool doesn’t come with levers or other complex pieces to make it complex to install.
  • Performance. With its touchless sensors and a hot and cold water mixer valve, the faucet delivers water consistently when you need it.
  • Economical. Yodel’s touchless faucet delivers water at below recommended flow rates to economize on water usage. Additionally, its touchless nature helps save on water usage as it delivers water on demand.


Gangang YMX0102 Touchless Bathroom Faucet

Gangang touch free bathroom faucetGangang YMX0102 is one of the bestselling faucets in leading online retail stores today. Its elegant, unique design, sleek curves, and edges complement its chrome finish perfectly. For strength and durability, the medium budget faucet is built from solid brass, and crafted by the best engineers. Overall, the sleek faucet could last for decades if not a lifetime. To power the sensors, Gangang offers either the option to use battery cells or power on normal 110v outlets.

  • Impressive Design. Gangang features an inverted right angle design, with a rectangular body graced by curved edges to make it look unique. With its chrome finish, the faucet looks uniquely stylish and good enough for any bathroom.
  • Durable. In addition to its beautiful crafting, Gangang is engineered out of solid brass to guarantee durability that spans decades. In addition to this, the faucet features a drip free ceramic disc cartridge that asks for little maintenance.
  • Performance. The faucet mounts easily in any single hole sink and delivers excellent performances with its combination of quality features. Being touch free, all you have to do is place your hands underneath its spout. It delivers water at the standard rates, although in the long run, it is more economical.
  • Easy to Install. In spite of its stylish looks, the faucet is designed for easy set up. You actually don’t need a professional’s assistance as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guide.


How Does a Touchless Bathroom Faucet Work?

If you’ve ever used a touchless bathroom faucet, you already have an idea of how these faucets work. You place your hands beneath the faucet, and just like that water flows out of it. When you move your hands away, the faucet stops delivering water. But what’s the physics behind the faucet’s performance?

Surprisingly, the technology used by these faucets has existed for a long time. Touchless faucets have a sensor that detects electrical charge found in the human body. Yes, your body contains the ability to attract electrical charges through what is known as capacitance. The human body has dozens of capacitances. By contrast, the faucets’ sensors are programmed to detect when an amount of capacitances equal to those of a human being gets close to the spout. With the help of electrical power, the faucet delivers water when you or a device with an almost similar number of capacitances gets close to the spout.

Besides a sensor, touchless faucets also contain a solenoid valve that pulls open to deliver water or pushes off to stop water flow when your hands are off the spout. The valve often resembles a disc but could be made from any of a variety of materials. Another element used to enable the faucet’s success is power. Most touchless faucet offers the option of both cell batteries and electrical power. The work of electricity in this process is to power the sensor and the water valves that mix hot water with cold water.

Because of their nature, touchless bathroom faucets don’t need any levers. Instead, some faucets come with a button to help you regulate water temperatures while others do this automatically. As for size and design, touchless faucets resemble typical faucets. However, it’s important to note that the overall performance of touchless faucets leads to less water wastage compared to the use of regular faucets.

Common Touchless Faucet Problems

Like any other tool, touchless bathroom faucets are susceptible to failure. Sometimes their sensors malfunction. Some wear out and you have to wait for minutes before the faucet detects your hands. Others will leak water for no reason. Read below to learn what causes these kinds of malfunctions, and what you can do restore their performance.

  1. No Flash Light from the Sensor

    The sensors in these faucets usually produce an infrared light as it operates. When you fail to detect this light in your faucet, there are two possible explanations. First, the power source is not connected. If your power source is a pair of batteries, check to install them properly. If you depend on utility power, check to confirm that the control valve connected to the power source functions properly.

  2. Little Water Flow

    If your touchless water faucet delivers too little water at a go, check its dial. Usually, a water faucet will have a dial that regulates water. Set it to the automatic position. If you continue to experience a slow water flow rate, consider removing the faucet’s valves and filters for cleaning. The problem could be that the faucet’s solenoid valve is clogged and needs some cleaning. Replace old filters for a better experience in the long run.

  3. The Faucet Leaks

    Sometimes even touchless faucets leaks. Although a rare problem among quality models, a touchless faucet could leak if its dial is not properly adjusted. The dial should ideally be locked at the automatic position. If your dial is properly adjusted, however, consider cleaning the filters and valves in the faucets. A clogged up faucet will not only reduce water flow rates but could also affect the sensor and lead to leaks.

  4. No water at all but the sensor flashes

    When the sensor’s batteries are almost depleted, they will tend to flash but won’t detect your hands to facilitate the flow of water. Fortunately, all this requires is that you change them.

Bottom Line

Touchless faucets are part of the technology that continues to revolutionize bathroom experiences. They save on water usage, keeps your bathroom sanitary for everyone and are affordable. With the average quality touchless bathroom faucet costing $40, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the right faucet. Still, it’s important to do some research to only end up with the best touchless bathroom faucet for your home. Our touchless bathroom faucet reviews above contain some of the bestselling faucets on the market. Simply compare their features and pick the right one for your home. Installation is easy after all, and the faucets need little maintenance.