Best Walk in Tub Reviews (Your Guide for 2017)

If you are looking for luxury and convenience in your next walk in bath tub, here is your chance to find the best walk in tub on the market. Engineered by the best manufacturers, top rated and elegantly designed to make your baths luxurious, the following walk in tub reviews only focus on the best-selling products on the market. Of course, you hold the right to choose which tub satisfies you, but isn’t it easier to select the best walk in tub from the best rated on the market?

Do you experience difficulties bathing because of injuries of old age? A quality walk in tub is could save you the hassles you go through when you need to shower. Walk in tubs also feature multiple therapeutic functions as you will see below.

walk in tub reviews
  • Arista SUR2753FLWD
  • Dimensions: 27" x 53"
  • Massage: 20 air bubble and 12 air jets
  • Material: acrylic
  • Drain location: left
  • Other: electronic control, built in tile flange, slip resistant flooring, grab bar, ADA compliant
top rated walk in tubs
  • Ariel EZWT-3060-DUAL-L
  • Dimensions: 60" x 30" x 37"
  • Massage: 6 whirlpool and 18 air jets
  • Material: fiberglass
  • Drain location: left
  • Other: safety grab, texture bottom, ADA compliant, faucet holes are not predrilled
best walk in tub for seniors
  • Ella's Deluxe
  • Dimensions: 29.5" x 55" (59" w/ Extension) x 38"
  • Massage: 22 air and hydro jets
  • Material: acrylic
  • Drain location: left
  • Other: 2 safety grab bars, slip resistant floor, in-line water heater, LED Chromatherapy lighting, anti-scald thermostatic control valve
good walk in soaker tub
  • Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws
  • Dimensions: 30" x 60"
  • Massage: -
  • Material: acrylic
  • Drain location: left
  • Other: ADA compliant, faucet holes are not predrilled
safe step walk in tub
  • Ella 306001R
  • Dimensions: 22.25" x 30" x 60"
  • Massage: -
  • Material: fiberglass
  • Drain location: right
  • Other: 5″ Threshold, anti slip floor, grab handle
American Standard walk in bathtub
  • American Standard 3151.204.WRW
  • Dimensions: 31" x 51"
  • Massage: 13 jets
  • Material: fiberglass
  • Drain location: right
  • Other: built-in seat, textured floor, ozone cleaning system, quick drain

Top 6 Walk in Tubs Reviewed

Ella Deluxe Walk In Tub

best walk in tub for seniorsElla Deluxe is a perfect example of why Ella walk in tubs are some of the best rated. With a white acrylic construction and gloss finish to keep it stylish and durable, the dual massage model is one outstanding walk in tub. Besides the great looks, Ella did a great job creating the elegant doors. The doors swing outwards in a classic way. The tub’s jet system is strategic to deliver water instantly and all around your body in the fastest time possible. Other additions to the unit such as LED lighting, double drainage system and an ozone sterilization system further sums up why the product is a bestseller.

  • U-Shaped luxury doors. Ella tub doors always look fabulous, and this model’s U-shaped doors are no different. They swing outward to add a touch of uniqueness. But what makes them worth talking about are the additional convenience features such as a safety grab bar and an adjusting feature.
  • Efficient 22 jet system. The dual massage tub features 22 jets for efficient bathing of two. And with a control system, you decide how fast you want to bath. In addition, the system features an in line heater to add warmth to your water, LED lighting and an ozone sterilization system.
  • Design and Build. Ella certainly puts a lot of thought into building this tub. The dual drains are strategically placed, the overall build speaks of durability and the design is delightful. Since it is built with acrylic, mold, and mildew gets to chance to develop around the tub, further guaranteeing quality sanitation in your bathroom.


Arista 2753 Walk In Tub for Seniors

walk in tub reviewsArista 2753 is a tub designed to offer unlimited luxury when you need it. Built from acrylic to guarantee durability and quality sanitation around the room, the manufacturer utilized the best of engineering for this tub. Its finish is an attractive white color, and its doors open inwards for convenience to everyone. Although it comes with 12 massage jets, they are fully adjustable, digitally controlled and efficient enough for one or two persons. For the best experience, however, this tub is designed for a single person. Despite that, you have unlimited choices when you buy this walk in soaker tub.

  • Luxurious. Arista 2753 is not just stylish. It encompasses everything that speaks of a luxurious walk in tub. From its 20 air bubble massage injectors that are powered by a powerful 1HP air blower to its sleek doors, spacious rooms, and multiple jets, Arista is an impressive tub.
  • Design and Build. Arista 2753 is built from the trusted acrylic to offer both durability and sanitation. In addition, the unit takes a snow white finish to add aesthetic appeal. Its frames, on the other hand, are designed from stainless steel to add quality sturdiness and durability as well.
  • Smart features. The unit comes with removable front panel materials for easy installation and maintenance. In addition, the bathroom tub features slip resistant flooring to make it a safe step in tub. For added safety, Arista also features a build in grab bar and a back pillow.


Ariel EZWT-3060-DUAL-L Walk In Soaker Tub

top rated walk in tubsAriel EZWT-3060 is yet another bestseller to feature in our top 6 walk in tubs. Designed in a contemporary gloss finish, a glass shaped door, and safe flooring, expect to find great safety and convenience from this model. Also, the Ariel product takes a free standing stainless steel support for best durability and sanitation reasons. In addition, the unit has a strong fiberglass layer to ensure it lasts for many decades. Design aside, Ariel EZWT is one of the best rated walk in tubs in the market. That means that whatever you have dreamt about in terms of your ideal walk in tub, this model is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

  • Deluxe massage jet system. The Ariel tub features 18 strategically allocated jets to deliver water smoothly and efficiently. In addition, the unit features a small shower head and a faucet to add to your list of convenience detail.
  • Attractive, sanitary and safe. Ariel 3060 tub is designed from reinforced fiberglass for multiple reasons. To start with, reinforced fiberglass offers great strength and durability. Second, fiberglass is synonymous with elegance, and not to forget the unit has the freestanding stainless steel to add sturdiness. With fiberglass as the building material, you can also be assured that the unit is safe to shower in.
  • Heavy duty door system. The tub’s doors are uniquely shaped to resemble a contemporary glass. However, the whole door system is well engineered for safety and easy access. The doors slide inwards with ease but also feature a safety grab bar.


Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws Safe Step Walk In Tub

good walk in soaker tubSpa world is one of the most affordable walk in tubs, if you are looking for both quality and cost effectiveness. At a cost of $1900, Spa world offers you a generous tub space, an aesthetically appealing design, and safety. Don’t expect high end tech in this device, but you can be certain it works efficiently. The white colored unit also features a solid inward opening door system and a slip resistant floor. For someone who is solely interested in a safe and efficient walk in tub, this is a tub that will offer the best value for money.

  • Quality design and finish. In its glossy white finish, rectangular shaped 30 x 60 inches design, Spa world looks contemporary but also appealing. There is a great appeal in its simplistic design which can also complement or boost the looks of your bathroom.
  • Efficient. Spa world is designed to offer quality services for a long period of time. With its spacious room, durable construction and the presence of multiple jets, you will have the luxurious showers you expect from a bath tub.
  • Luxury features. Spa world may offer a great price for this model, but they also ensure you get luxurious bathing from it. It comes with quite important features such as a grab bar for safety, efficient swing in doors and a drainage system on the left. At an extra cost, you can pimp the tub with a mini shower head and an air bubbler to add luxury to your showers.


Ella 306001R Walk In Tub

safe step walk in tubElla 306001R is closely designed like Ella Deluxe, expect for the fact that it features more advanced functions, it is slightly longer and more expensive. But with features such as a drink tray, a pull out shower and a stainless steel door, it’s probably worth the price. Although longer, the unit is shorter, meaning that it was designed to add convenience without sacrificing on luxury. When it comes to design and construction, no one beats Ella. The highly respected company does not only use the best of materials, they do their engineering well. Expect to enjoy your showers from the tub for many years with little or no complaints on the side of performance.

  • Spacious spacing. Ella 306001R measures 52 inches long and 24.75 inches wide for a spacious sit in the area. Its doors, while stylish are also wide for convenience. The door measures 22.25” x 30” x 60 inches. It features a safety bar and is designed for low step in as an added safety feature.
  • Luxury features. This Ella model offers more than just luxury. It offers quality assured features to make your showers the best. Its faucets and shower are sleek, a steel trimmed door and numerous massaging jets which you control with ease.
  • Durable. Ella 306001R features an acrylic body for strength and durability, chrome features and a limited warranty as an assurance of its quality. Other quality assured features in the tub include a fiberglass tub shell, stainless steel frames, and slip resist flooring.


American Standard 3151.204.WRW Walk In Tub

American Standard walk in bathtubAmerican Standard products often top best-selling ranks in multiple online retail stores. This walk in tub is no different. Its ratings are largely impressive, and when you view its design and features; you will be convinced it deserves to be a best seller. In a fiberglass body, the 31 x 51 inch unit features a sleek, snow white finish and accessories that make it dazzle. Its door system is water proof, safe and strong. It is supported by an Aluminum frame for extra strength. Inside the tub, you get a strategically designed seat, 13 massage jets and a drain system that utilizes ozone sterilization technology.

  • Luxurious. The American Standard product is a low step in tub engineered with quality features to make it luxurious. Its multiple massage jets are supported by a control system. In addition, the unit is spacious and features extra shower options such as air massage and adjustable positions for the massage jets.
  • Durable. Beneath the smooth and attractive color finish is a strongly reinforced fiber glass that offers as much durability as acrylic. The reinforced fiber glass also offers the advantage of lightness. On the other hand, the unit is supported by strong Aluminum frames.
  • Easy to use. The best seller is designed for people with different health or physical conditions, which explains its safe door system with a grab bar, a seat, and strategically placed massage jets. The product is also recommended by the Arthritis foundation for meeting quality standards in enabling ease of use.
  • Features a quick drainage system that utilizes ozone sterilization to enhance sanitation. Again, the drain is super efficient and has the capability to drain water much faster than typical drainage systems.


Best Walk In Tub Comparison Chart

Product nameDimensionsDrain locationMassageMaterialOther
Arista SUR2753FLWD27" x 53"left20 air bubble and 12 air jetsacrylicelectronic control, built in tile flange, slip resistant flooring, grab bar, ADA compliant
Ariel EZWT-3060-DUAL-L60" x 30" x 37"left6 whirlpool and 18 air jetsfiberglasssafety grab, texture bottom, ADA compliant, faucet holes are not predrilled
Ella's Deluxe29.5" x 55" (59" w/ Extension) x 38"left22 air and hydro jetsacrylic2 safety grab bars, slip resistant floor, in-line water heater, LED Chromatherapy lighting, anti-scald thermostatic control valve
Spa World Venzi Vz3060silws30" x 60"left-acrylicADA compliant, faucet holes are not predrilled
Ella 306001R22.25" x 30" x 60"right-fiberglass5″ Threshold, anti slip floor, grab handle
American Standard 3151.204.WRW31" x 51"right13 jetsfiberglassbuilt-in seat, textured floor, ozone cleaning system, quick drain

What Is a Walk in Tub?

what is a walk in tubStatistics show that many elderly people experience problems getting into and out of a normal bathtub. For some, the bathtub is where accidents are most likely to happen. Fortunately, someone thought about the plight of the elderly, people with disabilities and everyone else who simply dislike conventional tubs. The walk in tub idea was born.

With this type of bath tub, you simply walk in through a swing in or swing our door, sit on a specially designed seat in the tub and have your shower with no fears of slipping or experiencing an accident. Again, just by avoiding leg lifting as you get into the bathtub, a potentially dangerous accident is prevented.

Design and Build

A walk in tub largely resembles a conventional tub, with the exception that it features a door where you use to get access. Besides that, everything else from their designs design to the presence of massage jets can be pretty similar to conventional tubs.

The building materials for the walk in tubs are often strong, safe and with the least risk to electrical issues. As such, almost every walk in tub you find is made from either acrylic or reinforced fiber glass. Acrylic is strong, thick but also heavy. It is a safe material, nonetheless and most tubs that use it experience great durability. Reinforced glass, on the other hand, offers great beauty, lightweight and durability.


With the most affordable walk in tubs costing $1000 or more, manufacturers tend to load their products with great features for convenience. The most basic features to expect from a walk in tub include a faucet, a shower head, and the drainage system. It is also difficult to find a best-selling walk in tub with no massage jets. In more expensive tubs, these features are infused with the latest technology to make the tub luxurious. The drainage systems for top rated tubs, for example, are faster and feature an ozone sterilization system. The massage jets are plenty and strategically placed for therapeutic reasons. Other features to expect in a quality walk in tub include a seat, an air bubbler, and a safety door grab bar.

The drainage systems for top rated tubs, for example, are faster and feature an ozone sterilization system. The massage jets are plenty and strategically placed for therapeutic reasons. Other features to expect in a quality walk in tub include a seat, an air bubbler, and a safety door grab bar.


Since these tubs are mostly designed to suit people with special needs, they tend to be more expensive than conventional tubs. A cheap walk in tub, as earlier mentioned will cost between $100 and $1500. A quality medium priced tub costs $4500 and below. But for a fully loaded walk in tub that offers every type of luxury that comes with modern tubs, you can expect to pay as high as $10,000.

Types of Walk in Tubs

One thing that is clear with modern manufacturers is that they go to great lengths to impress consumers. In the case of walk in tub manufacturers, different manufacturers pursue different tub designs and add special features that can fulfill the needs of different people. Below are some of the different walk in tubs you will find on the market and how they function.

Aromatherapy Tubs

Smell is one sense that manufacturers of different bathroom products have always tried to infuse in products to attract consumers. Everyone loves something that smells good, which is why we now have walk in tubs to fulfill this sense. Aromatherapy walk in tubs include special spa like features that make them smell in ways that will make you relax your mind as our bath. They are inspired by the fact that people tend to relax and experience lower blood pressures when certain smells surround them.


A hydrotherapy tub invokes therapeutic experiences with strategically placed water jets and air bubblers. Such a tub will have a waterproof door, a shower head, and other features to help you relax in the water and have your muscles relaxed by the massage jets. Most types of walk in tubs in the market have massage jets for hydrotherapy.


A soaker is the least expensive type of walk in tub. It lacks massage jets, air bubblers or any other type of therapeutic feature. A soaker tub features only a waterproof door, a faucet and shower head. With its minimum features, a soaker is the entry level walk in tub. It is much less expensive than other tubs, but not inefficient in performance. By contrast, you are likely to find a quality soaker tub that performs as efficiently as the higher priced walk in tubs that are loaded with therapeutic features.


A combination bath tub incorporates multiple features that typical walk in tubs lack. This sort of tub will, for example, feature a wheel chair accessible door system and also infuse massage jets for hydrotherapy. With that in mind, the tub solves two different problems. A combination tub can also feature aromatherapy features besides having massage jets or air bubblers. Since these tubs are expensive, many people choose to buy a normal walk in tub and later add the special features they choose.

Bariatric Tub

A bariatric tub is a sweet name given to walk in tubs designed for large people. Thus, the only unique aspect of a bariatric tub is its size. Everything else, from its features to designs and construction are similar to normal bath tubs. You can find a bariatric soaker tub or buy one infused with luxurious features.

Wheel chair Accessible Tub

The meaning of a wheel chair accessible tub is simply that: a wheel chair designed to suit the needs of a physically disabled person who uses a wheel chair for mobility. These tubs have large doors that open outwards. Inside, wheel chair accessible tubs are spacious and often lack seats in there. But with their complex construction, wheel chair accessible tubs can be quite expensive.

Who needs Walk in Tubs?

There are two types of people who need a walk in tub the most: someone with a physical condition that limits them to only use a tub or someone who finds it difficult to stand under a shower to take a bath. A walk in tub, therefore, is a specially built tub for people with some of the following special needs:

  1. Senior Citizens

    A recent study shows that more than 65% of senior citizens face at least one accidental fall every year. When this happens in the bathroom, the senior citizen could get high risk injuries. To avert such problems, many nursing homes today use walk in tubs instead of showers or conventional tubs. A walk in tub is a safe bathing investment for senior citizens because it has doors that allow them to get in and out with little or no risks. In addition, walk in tubs have seats to add comfort to the user and not to forget safe door grabs for smooth access.

  2. Physically Challenged People

    Although every disabled person would find comfort bathing in a tub specially meant to suit their needs, people who have trouble getting into conventional tubs benefit the most. Someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility will most likely need a wheelchair accessible tub. Someone with a back pain problem that hinders them from standing for too long can also benefit from the convenience of a walk in bathtub.

  3. People afraid of Conventional tubs

    Who said you must be old or physically challenged to buy a walk in tub? A lot of people are afraid to bath in conventional tubs for numerous reasons. To start with, some people are afraid they might slip and fall while getting into the tubs. Others are not comfortable using the traditional lie down and bath tub model. There are numerous other reasons that make people dislike conventional tubs. And as long as you can afford a walk in tub, there is nothing that should stop you from getting one.

  4. People with Balancing Problems

    You probably like showering in tubs, but you can’t just balance yourself while trying to climb onto somewhere. It is a valid reason, and you shouldn’t be afraid to buy a walk in tub to offer you the luxury of bathing in a modern tub. With modern walk in tubs featuring numerous therapeutic features like aromatherapy, massage jets, and air bubblers, don’t let your leg balancing problem stop you from using a tub.

  5. Large People

    Obese people are often left out by brands that sell bathroom products like tubs. Maybe it is an effort to cut on costs, but there are few conventional tub brands that target large people. Those that do often fail to customize their tubs for easy access. Fortunately, bariatric walk in tubs are specialized designed to help large persons bath conveniently. They have large doors that swing inwards or outwards swiftly and spacious bathing areas. Bariatric walk in tubs also feature luxurious functions to make the bathing experience convenient and relaxing.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Walk in Tub

walk in tub buying guideA walk in tub is a safe bathing haven for anyone with mobility issues, senior citizens or caregivers. In addition to safety, walk in tubs provide comfort and therapeutic bathing experiences. But while they are luxurious, there are also expensive. That means a lot of time and research is needed to help pick the right walk in tub. The following professional guide will help you know what to look out for when buying a quality walk in tub.

Wall Height

The average walk in tub has a step in height of 15 inches. It holds 50-60 liters of water and measures on average 25 inches high. Different walk in tubs feature different designs, but it is important to buy one that specifically meets your needs. If you are buying the tub for a tall person, buy a tall walk in tub with a short seat. This will create enough bathing space for the individual and also leave enough space above the tub.

Built in Seat

One of the major concerns senior citizens have while using conventional tubs revolves around sitting. Senior citizens and people with physical conditions enjoy bathing while seated somewhere. As such, invest in a walk in tub that offers a built in seat and perhaps a built in pillow to add comfort. Again, one of the reasons for buying a walk in tub is to reduce accidents while bathing. Having a built in shower chair ensures that the user baths with minimal risks of an accidental fall.

Left or Right Access

Whether you buy a right or left access walk in tub will most likely be influenced by the design of your bathroom and where you want the tub installed. If you plan to install the tub on the left side wall you will need a right access tub. However, the need of the user can also guide on what type of tub to buy. There are people who would be adamant to get a left side access door because they use their left hand the most, and that should be respected.

Textured Floor

In the spirit of creating a safe bathing haven for the user, ensure you buy a tub with textured flooring. Textured floors consist of slip resistant materials to ensure an accidental fall is avoided as much as possible. Although many walk in tubs are safer because of their use of seats and door grab bars, those without textured flooring have been associated with more falls. That means there is more safety where the tub’s floor is textured.

Grab Bars

When it comes to protecting a senior citizen, your ideal walk in tub should have every recommended safety feature, including a grab bar. Often fixed on the doors, grab bars ensure the user holds onto them for safety in case of an emergency. Grab bars also help the tub’s user get into and out of the tub comfortably. Fortunately, almost every modern walk in tub features a grab bar, but you just have to make sure it is present in the tub you plan to buy.

Anti Scald Valve

If you’ve been frightened by a sudden change in water temperatures in your tub before, you will want a good anti scald valve. An anti scald valve helps keep the water temperatures close to constant when there is a sudden change in water pressures. Not only does this ensure you have lovely baths that remain unaffected by changing water pressures, it could also be safe. For senior citizens and people who constantly react impulsively, an anti scald valve ensures that the user doesn’t react to water temperatures and risk getting hurt.

Built in Heater

A built in heater is an important accessory for anyone who loves bathing in warm tubs. The heater recirculates warm water around the whirlpool tub continuously, ensuring that every part of your body enjoys the soothing feel of warm water until the bath is over. While it seems like an afterthought fixture, a built in heater is a helpful feature for everyone who suffers from water pressure problems in the house. Changing water pressure can suddenly change the temperature of water in the tub, thereby, affecting the warm and comforting feel of a tub. But with a built in heater and an anti scald valve, your water will remain at your preferred temperatures throughout your shower.

Pros and Cons of Walk of Soaker Tubs

walk in tub pros and consA walk in soaker tub is a great investment for anyone who experiences difficulties accessing a conventional tub. If you are used to being guided into a tub, a walk in tub relieves you dependence and instead of gifts you the chance to enjoy bathtubs without depending on anyone. Read on for other pros and cons of soaker tubs.


  • Easy entrance. Soaker tubs feature doors that swing inwards or outwards easily. This reduces the great risk that comes with senior citizens trying to access a conventional tub.
  • Features a built in seat for comfort. Walk in tubs often feature a built in seat to offer comfort to the user while also minimizing risks.
  • Relaxing. A walk in allows you to access the tub and submerge yourself into the water for a relaxing and tension relieving bathing experience.
  • Improves home value. Your home’s value will certainly improve when there is an important investment as a walk in tub. If you live in a retirement community, a walk in tub can greatly improve your home’s value.
  • Fewer medical bills due to improved safety. Since many accidents among senior citizens occur in the bathroom, a walk in tub offers the safety needed and by extension saving on medical bills for your loved ones.
  • Some brands offer flexible payment plans.


  • Some soaker tubs take a while before water is filled up. This can be frustrating, as you have to wait in the cold for up to fifteen minutes before you start to shower.
  • High installation costs.
  • You have to wait for the water to drain before you can leave a walk in tub.

Bottom Line

Walk in tubs are certainly not meant for everyone, but if you have the least trouble accessing a bathtub, you have no reason not to buy one. After all, it is about your safety or the safety of your loved one. You cannot put a price tag to safety, which is why you need to invest only in the best walk in tub. Go through our walk in tub reviews above again, and perhaps check to find one that best meets your needs.